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Game Schedule

Room Hours of Operation Ticket Price Game Type Info
Cinders Palace Open 24/7 2ppt 90 Ball Non Stop Bingo
Buttons Den Open 24/7 2ppt 75 Ball Non Stop Bingo
Jackpot Vault 9pm Daily 50ppt 75 Ball 20,000 PPT Jackpots
Prize Showcase 9pm Wednesdays 100ppt 75 Ball Weekly Game
Bingoport Bundle Pre-Buy 500ppt 75 Ball Monthly Game

Club Bingoport Community Blog

What do you think of the new Dream Bingo?

Dream Bingo has had a makeover and we have to say it looks absolutely fabulous, we keep noticing little features on the site that we didn’t see the first time around. Along with their new site design, they are also tempting players in with a...Read more

Fantastic new promotions at Bingoport!

Fantastic new promotions at Bingoport! We have got some brand new promotions here at one of those is the Jackpot Vault! You can win a whopping 20,000 points every day in our Jackpot Vault game that plays at 9pm. You can spend yo...Read more

Foxy's new mag is here!

When the postie came round this morning we weren’t expecting a parcel and when we opened it up it was from our friends at Foxy Bingo! They’ve sent us a few copies of their brand new magazine Foxy Friends! The magazine is packed full of...Read more


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