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Noregasm - 03:41pm September 28, 2013

hi lizzie not on firefox hunni i always play on chrome but sometimes change to ie to spin ww dunno y u have probs hunni strange one xxxLaughYellWink

ilovenath - 12:09am September 24, 2013

hi kaz i click on play bingo an seems like the bingo room is gonna load but just stays a blue page sorry not explaining myself properly lol but as i say no worries i can play on chrome hun x

traceythered - 03:34pm September 23, 2013

Hi Lizzie   Click to the bingo ?   Do you mean your on the home page and clicking to get to the bingo lobby gives yo a blue page or do you mean your in the lobby you click on an actual bingo room and get the blue page ? Kaz

ilovenath - 12:06am September 23, 2013

hi kaz, i click to the bingo and the page just comes up blue,no worries hun it's not that i can't get into bingo at all but thank you for your help

traceythered - 10:44pm September 22, 2013

Hi Lizzie, what do you mean by wont load ?   Will the lobby load ? Do you get as far as the lobby but it wont load a bingo room ?  If so what does it tell you when trying to load or does it just have the wee circle going round and round ?   I am just trying to work out if its a flash player problem (ie is yours up to date) A browser problem (does your firefox need its history deleting)   Sorry I cant really be of any better help until i know exactly whats happening and at what point it wont load   Kaz x

mazzer - 07:29pm September 22, 2013

Hi Lizzie, I only use Firefox and can play bingo and slots also spin the ww. The only problem I have is the occasional bunchies but everyone gets those. Personally I have tried Chrome and didnt rate it much. Your problem is a bit strange and doesnt happen to me.

rubykelly - 04:58pm September 22, 2013

Hi lizzies I have been swapping between the 2 lately, one min one works, then other, chrome been playing up more recently, hey ho lol all fun x

nelly2000 - 02:58pm September 22, 2013

Hi Lizzie. That does sound a bit strange, i am on firefox and no problems with the ww, slots or the bingo. May be you got a little gremlin loll. Hope you sort it out soon. xx

menofmens78 - 02:31pm September 22, 2013

I think it is all strange lol there doesn't seem to be a reasonable reason why that would happen

loverz25 - 02:10pm September 22, 2013

i dont understand any of the computor jargon my  son sets it up if it goes wrong i call him lol

ilovenath - 01:34pm September 22, 2013

hi kaz, when i try to play bingo on firefox the game wont load but it's fine on chrome

traceythered - 11:37am September 22, 2013

why do you have to play bingo on chrome, what happens when you try to play on firefox ?

marg1022 - 11:16am September 22, 2013

hi lizzie that sounds a lot strange to me but there again I don't really understand technology. I use ie and don't have any problems getting on to bingo. if you are in a room and Richardh is in the room your best bet is to ask him he seems to be the most technological on here. 

ilovenath - 11:04am September 22, 2013

i was just wondering if anyone else has the same problem,i can spin ww an play slots on firefox but not bingo so i have to play bingo on chrome ..a bit strange Confused