Forum: Mecca Bingo Topic: NEW BONUS CODE! £5 FREE PLAY - No deposit needed

missbbw - 06:18pm August 2, 2011

hi gamesmaster and many thanks for the info and good luck to all who play here

amandat64 - 06:12pm August 2, 2011

thanks a lot for the code for mecca bingo its good to get so much free to play

lyndsey8256 - 12:41pm August 2, 2011

hi gamemaster i am already a member of mecca bingo, it is a really good site i hope that you are lucky.

bettmcd - 01:08pm August 2, 2011

Following reading this post, I have just joined Mecca Bingo.  However, unfortunately I have been not been able to get the "MAGIC" code to work.  I should be interested to hear if this has worked o.k. for anyone.

kelly_adams - 12:37pm August 2, 2011

Hi everyone, 

I've got a code for to get you £5 FREEPLAY!

Once you have created your account, click on bonus codes and enter MAGIC 

Enjoy LaughLaugh

mdenise96 - 01:26pm August 2, 2011

thanks for the free £5code for mecca.good luck to al that play at mecca.

traceythered - 01:22pm August 2, 2011

This code does work guys, but not on joining, if you have an account at Mecca, go into a room and then go to bonus codes tab and enter the code.

Pansy it can be used if your already a member too :) :) :)


Good luck with it :)

jeanterry - 07:14pm August 2, 2011

i've already replied to this post lol, you must have got a bit excited when you posted it

MAGZBEV - 01:54am August 3, 2011

I have tried this, and yes, it does work. The £5 appears in Bonus funds, but is available to play with immediately. Gl and have a go

todds - 09:05am August 3, 2011

Woohoo this worked for me too. Thanks for the info games master. Feel free to pass any others on too in future. Laugh

hollyn - 07:19pm August 3, 2011

Thanks for the code. I hope it is very lucky for all those playing on mecca bingo and you get a big win!

mike456tilly - 08:05pm August 5, 2011

Hi gamesmaster thanks for the code, will try it later

stella65xx - 08:08pm August 5, 2011

thank you for given us the code for mecca don't know if i will try it yet but good luck to those that do

ereiam4win - 07:05pm August 9, 2011

many thanks for passing this code on to all, i hope those who use it are lucky

sylvia117 - 07:09pm August 9, 2011

ty for the free £5 code i hope everyone is lucky

valdapiper - 08:28pm August 9, 2011

hi,thanks for the code number i will go and try and get it,thanks.

pattiebee - 01:59pm August 12, 2011

I think that the magic code has been stopped now. If you are a new member you can still get £5 freeplay by using bonus code MAGIC6 Cool

chany87 - 10:43am August 21, 2011

thank you for that free code, it's kind of you to share it. i hope all those that use it are lucky.

markyates77 - 08:44am August 26, 2011

thanks for passing on the code for mecca bingo hope peeps here at bp have some luck with th free £5

todds - 08:53am August 26, 2011

I did try this one & joined Mecca. I like the site & will stay for a while until another one lures me away.

boethius - 08:21pm August 28, 2011

pippab said:I did try this one & joined Mecca. I like the site & will stay for a while until another one lures me away.

hi i tried this it didnt work any one got any more codes plz lol Smile

lglenya222 - 08:25pm August 28, 2011

Thanks for sharing the free £5 code - it's very much appreciated.  Good luck, everyone!

wzy454545 - 09:22am September 20, 2011

Thanks for info, im sure there will be more codes for a free deposit, this sites quite a big one and seems to do regular promotions.

linneteen - 09:28am September 20, 2011

Oh no shame I missed out on this one - I will have to keep a closer eye out on the forums for another offer like this, hopefully there will be one soon

bigballs25 - 09:45am September 27, 2011

Thanks for sharing the code, gamesmaster - I haven't joined the online part yet but am considering it.

eve23 - 11:12am November 13, 2011

hiya hun thanks for code hun hope its lucky for all who play on there xxx

denwit - 11:18am November 13, 2011

hi thanks for the code my daughter is a member i will give it to her.x

caliautoprice - 10:37am November 14, 2011

Thanks for the code gamesmaster, hope it still works as it was posted a while ago, good luck to all bingoporters x