Forum: Promotions Corner Topic: Bingo on the box 500% bonus

monica42vazquez - 01:07pm August 18, 2013

Hi, Pump!  Thank you for the information on Bingo on the Box's amazing deposit bonus.  I will take your advice and sign up to their mailing list.  Good luck if you play there.

smithnits - 05:21pm August 17, 2013

hiya pump thanks for this information dont no whit tnc,s are but good luck to all who play xx

Noregasm - 11:15am August 17, 2013

hi pumpkin hope all that used ya code for bingo on the box had some good luck xxxxSmile

mango - 12:11am August 15, 2013

hi pumpkin thank you for the info but I bet the wagering is very high on there

ilovenath - 11:30pm August 14, 2013

thank you pumpkin for this post about bingo on the box goodluck whoever plays

cheeky64 - 06:57pm August 14, 2013

hi pump 500 per cent bonus and 50 free slot spins thats a great sign up bonus and thanks for the info

bettmcd - 06:26pm August 14, 2013

Hi Pumpkin.  Many thanks for telling us about the 500% bonus currently available when you deposit at Bingo on the Box.  Good luck to all who take up this offer.

Steven2011 - 06:15pm August 14, 2013

thanks hun but i am looking for a cash site that actually lets me win now and again lol

maggie48 - 05:05pm August 14, 2013

thanks pumpkin might go have a look good luck to anyone who signs up

nelly2000 - 11:08am August 14, 2013

Hi Fish, thank you for the info at Bingo on the box. Thats a very good offer 500% and spins on the slots. Good luck any one who plays xx

marg1022 - 10:34am August 14, 2013

hi pumpkin and thank you for the info on bingo on the boxes 500% bonus on deposits, with the 50 free spins on the gold factory it sounds like a good deal.

rubykelly - 10:29am August 14, 2013

I got email from them today offering 500% bonus when u deposit plus 50 free spins on the slot game gold factory, I f you like this promo, check em out u may have to sign up to their mailing list first im nt sure, but do plz check tnc's first x