Forum: Big Heart Bingo Topic: Have you played at BIG HEART BINGO Come and let us know what you think

eve23 - 08:46am December 9, 2011

hiya kaz never heard of this site hun would be nice to  ear from somone how manyrooms there what the payout is and and how many peeps have won  on it lol you no how nosie l am lol gl all xxxxxxxxxxx

Noregasm - 05:15am October 29, 2013

hi kaz hunni not played at big heart bingo but ive read the posts on it n dont think its 1 id even try xxx

pborian - 07:28pm May 21, 2013

so many sites with the word heart in it not sure if I have seen this one or not?

no1shunter - 05:04pm May 21, 2013

thanks for your info iv not played hear but think i may go an give it a wee go good luck e1 who does play hear

kellie262008 - 04:55pm May 21, 2013

good site really like it , I won £700 jp a few years ago.

awinplease1967 - 05:22pm December 14, 2012

hi kaz i played big heart bingo when it first started i liked all the different games and the cm's were pretty witty as well x

Peggy21 - 11:09pm December 13, 2012

like other players kaz this site seems quite small and i prefer bigger sites glglgl to all players xxxxx

redrum44 - 04:47pm September 26, 2012

hiya kaz another site i havent heard of but will take time to read up on it to see if its worth  joinig

maxine84 - 04:01pm July 21, 2012

I have not heard of big heart bingo, and having read the forum posts here, am not inclined to think of joining.  It sounds like it has a small membership, and certainly no one is mentioning winning there, so think I will give them a miss.

lesleylesbee - 01:29pm July 17, 2012

I haven't played yet but i am going to join soon 

karastephen - 09:49pm March 8, 2012

hi kaz i have played big heart bingo i wasnt too keen on the software that bhb was running on i prefer virtue fusion or bridgend

rainbonky - 06:46pm January 27, 2012

i have to say that i have not playe don hear, it does not seem like many people herre play on it either

valdapiper - 06:42pm January 27, 2012

i have not tried this site yet kaz,i tend to stay with the bigger sites.x

traceythered - 09:53am September 27, 2010

Have you played on BIG HEART BINGO yet? Tell us about it.  What was your experience like? Were you lucky?


Any questions you may have about the site, feel free to ask, we will do our best to get it answered for you!



tommyj100 - 11:01am September 27, 2010

no i havent played at big heart bingo as yet as i cant afford to join anymore sites at the moment

bungalow - 09:43am October 5, 2010

sorry i have not even heard of this site before must b a newish one

richwba - 04:03am January 22, 2011

I like the idea behind Big Heart donates a percentage to charities which makes losing money easier to bear...Im yet to give it a go though x

richwba - 05:00am January 22, 2011

Although Big Heart Bingo makes losing easier because charities benefit from it…I also think that it would make winning that much harder to accept due to my way of thinking…I would feel guilty winning money which is meant for charity.  I shall have to think about this one some more lol

bigbuns - 08:38pm March 21, 2011

i have played at big heart and i think its great the money goes to charity, cause i am always losing

rachy76 - 08:43pm March 21, 2011

sorry i have not even heard of this bingo site so will be interesting to find out

pinkpetal - 08:48pm March 21, 2011

Is this a new site, because I haven't heard of it before. I'll keep an eye on this thread to see what other think!

mdenise96 - 02:05pm September 27, 2011

i joined this site but wasnt on long as i didnt like it.hope some other peeps like it.

lisa01 - 02:09pm September 27, 2011

i havnt heard of this one its sounds quite intresting though for charity?

mdenise96 - 02:09pm September 27, 2011

not joined big heart yet kaz.i know you get free money to get you started but would like to hear what the rooms are