Forum: Bingo Hollywood Topic: I joined

kellyd - 07:49am October 8, 2013

I also love Bingo Hollywood because of the huge deposit bonus and accepts paypal…

xxmadmagzxx - 04:41pm September 12, 2013

the join up bonus looks good...glad your'e enjoying the site good luck for some good wins xx

jaexxx - 12:47am July 1, 2013

hi mummy glad you are enjoying your bingo hope your lucky ad win big glx

jayden - 12:35am July 1, 2013

Hi I am glad to hear you have found a site tht you wanted to join and hop you have been very lucky there.  Good luck hun x

Steven2011 - 10:27pm May 5, 2013

didnt know about this site but found it in the list there are not many recent posts so will see if it is still around

Noregasm - 07:46pm May 5, 2013

hi mummy ss ya never won but glad ya liking it at bingo hollywood n xgl in future games xxx

awinplease1967 - 09:59pm August 10, 2012

hi mummy im glad that you like this site, its a pity your money has dissapeared good luck for future games x

maxine84 - 11:22am August 10, 2012

Interested to read how you have joined bingo hollywood and deposit and are enjoyin the site, hope you have bigger wins and can withdraw your winnings.

redrum44 - 07:49pm August 5, 2012

hi mum i wounder how u doing  on the site are u still thier if so hop u are winning lots gl

tilly88 - 12:18pm May 28, 2012

hi mummy glad your liking the site hun n good luck to you hun xxxx

L3ahw - 07:25pm May 15, 2012

i love bingo port because its free and there is loverly peeps in the rooms and then cm's are very helpful

davydd30 - 07:06pm May 15, 2012

catsclaws62 said:

Great you found Bingo Hollywood a site worth joining. Good luck to you Mummy2three. Smile
is this site better than bingoport or has it got anything different to offer than bingoport.

ptkbandit - 09:30pm April 5, 2012

hi mummy, how have you been getting on with this site since you joined, and what were the wagering requirements considering the high join up bonus x

mikespike - 09:08am March 24, 2012

Glad you are enjoying the site, hope you have lots of luck there.

clizke - 11:46pm February 7, 2012

Great you found Bingo Hollywood a site worth joining. Good luck to you Mummy2three. Smile

markyates77 - 11:20pm February 3, 2012

hi mummy2three you do seem happy with this site i hope you have more luck when you deposit again and manage a withdrawal

eve23 - 03:31pm January 22, 2012

hiya hun glad you had a wicked time on the site hun better luck next time hun hope you win loads xxxxxx

todds - 01:28pm January 22, 2012

Hi mummy2three, glad you find a site you like & have taken advantage of the joining offer. Let us know how you get on & whether or not you are luckier next time.

sylwunia1 - 09:24am January 22, 2012

Such a shame you didn't win - I hope you have more luck next time!  Enjoy playing at Bingo Hollywood x

hollyn - 10:07pm January 21, 2012

I am glad that you had a good time on bingo hollywood, just a pity you didn't win. I hope you are lucky next time.

lyndsey8256 - 09:50pm January 21, 2012

hi mummy2three well done on your wins a shame that you lost it all again, bingohollywood is a good site. I hope that the next time you deposit you are very lucky.

paul550550 - 08:20pm January 21, 2012

always great to hear about good experiences on different sites. Sorry you lost all your winnings, but hope you build up some new ones soon!! Wink

cheeky64 - 07:38pm January 21, 2012

its good that you have found somewhere that you would like to deposit more on so fingers crossed for some good wins the next time you deposit there

rachy76 - 07:32pm January 21, 2012

hiya mummy glad you have found a bingo site you like load of gd gl to you

sophiewright - 06:56pm January 21, 2012

hi mc here aww well done mummy on your win at hollywood bingo i hope you win lots more mcLaugh

tomos - 06:42pm January 21, 2012

hi mummy2three nice to see you managed a win glad your enjoying the site

david59 - 06:21pm January 21, 2012

Hi mummy2three and glad you are enjoying Bingo Hollywood. It was a good start bonus, shame it's all gone though, but better luck when you redeposit.

denwit - 06:14pm January 21, 2012

hi mummy thanks for the info on bingo hollywood,hope you are lucky.

bettmcd - 05:31pm January 21, 2012

Hi xxmummy2threexx.  Thanks for letting us know about the excellent bonus at Bingo Hollywood, and I am pleased to know that you enjoyed playing there.  Good luck for some more wins when you re-deposit.

bigbeff - 05:15pm January 21, 2012

hi xmummy2threex sorry to see you have lost all your money better luck on your nezt deposit

MAGZBEV - 04:57pm January 21, 2012

Hi huni. Well that really is a great bonus, and so pleased you are enjoying the site. Wishing you loads of luck there huni x

valdapiper - 04:52pm January 21, 2012

hi mummy,glad you like the bingo hollywood site,hope you get lucky hun.

senga10 - 03:47pm January 21, 2012

Here yesterday have to say i am enjoying it had a few wins but my money is all gone now but I will be depositing again chs are friendly and i really like the chat games over all i like this one and it has a great join up bonus of 300% xxx