Forum: Caesars Bingo Topic: any caesar promotions

eve23 - 07:46am December 6, 2011

hiya hun couldnt tell you hun never heard of this site l am sure somone on her will come and tell you soon hun gl xxxxxxxxxx

Noregasm - 11:09pm March 23, 2013

hi hotgossip hunni seems no one seen any promos hunni mustnt be a big site i presume hunni xxx

maxine84 - 03:28pm September 2, 2012

Hi hot, seems like caesar bingo is not too popular among bingoporter players, but they still have some good promotions going, if you decide to join.

redrum44 - 06:37pm March 28, 2012

hi i have heard of this site but never tyed it  x

MAGZBEV - 09:47pm March 27, 2012

Not seen any anywhere hun, so cant help. Sometimes it pays to ask an on site CM, as they can be helpful re these

clizke - 11:51pm February 7, 2012

Never hear anything about Caesar's bingo at all. Are they still operating? I like the name though...very Las Vegas!

sylwunia1 - 07:41pm January 25, 2012

I haven't seen any promos which make me think this is a site I want to try - maybe if I can find a good one I might though xx

hollyn - 06:55pm January 25, 2012

I haven't seen any advertised either hotgossip. It doesn't seem as if there is much going on in the site.

valdapiper - 04:37am January 23, 2012

i do not think caesars bingo is very popular,i will go and have a look.

caliautoprice - 11:05am January 15, 2012

Sorry I'm not sure either hot gossip, did read on another thread that you can get £5 free to try it with though x

markyates77 - 03:52pm January 4, 2012

hi hotgossip i don't play at this site so can't help with your question but from the replies it doesn't look like many peeps have seen any

denwit - 08:22am December 21, 2011

hi hot,i have not played the caesars bingo site,i tend to stay with the larger sites.x

wzy454545 - 10:56am November 5, 2011

Hi, havent seen any promotions for caesar bingo. Do they run them monthly?

mdenise96 - 10:00pm November 5, 2011

not seen any myself hotgossip.dont think many peeps play there anymore.

bigballs25 - 02:34pm November 6, 2011

I don't remember seeing any promotions for caesars bingo on here.

BRETTT - 04:02pm November 6, 2011

couldnt tell you as i have never seen any adverts for this site or even heard of it. sorry but i hope you get a positive reply soon x