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hw26 - 01:50pm March 9, 2010

posh bingo 90% on deposits till 11.55 tonight code POSH90Cool

TEGAN - 01:52pm March 9, 2010

thats a good bonus but i play at gone bingo and get 350% bonus on 100.00 deposit i think ill stick to that site xx

rachy76 - 01:57pm March 9, 2010

hi surreymummy thank you for that information sounds good to me

mzjackson - 02:05pm March 9, 2010

Thanks for the info on posh surreymummy, if I get lucky at Tasty I will have a go.

mdenise96 - 02:27pm March 9, 2010

thanks for info but i dont play on that site,good luck

billo - 02:27pm March 9, 2010

thanx for that info good luck to you all aving a go on there

anyroe - 02:30pm March 9, 2010

Thanks for the information and lots of luck to everyone playing on there

caz2510 - 02:30pm March 9, 2010

hi surrymummy thanks for the information but i think ill give posh a miss good luck to you though

evilwomen - 02:44pm March 9, 2010

i dont play on that site but good luck to ev1 aving a game on there

ptkbandit - 03:38pm March 9, 2010

wow surreymummy thanks for that, that is a good bonus on deposits, hope those that play there win loads with their bonus x

chevy3000 - 04:22pm March 9, 2010

thanks for the info hunni i dont play on there but anyone having a go good luck hope you win with it x

murrayx - 06:26pm March 9, 2010

it is not bad but a lot of sites seem to do more than that all the time so i dont think i will bother with it

grinns - 06:35pm March 9, 2010

thanks for the code i used i but di not manage  win from it though

mikespike - 06:51pm March 9, 2010

Thanks for the info, I might have a look if I get a chance later! Good luck

als - 06:55pm March 9, 2010

That sounds generous!  not a site ive had a look at before but its sounds good so i might have to have a go if i feel lucky

reddabber - 07:07pm March 9, 2010

Thanks for letting us know.  I don't like bonuses like that though, imagine how much wagering you will have to do to be able to withdraw it! Surprised

busybee87 - 07:52pm March 9, 2010

That's a pretty massive bonus! Thanks for sharing with us and good luck if you play there.

macca0382 - 08:03pm March 9, 2010

Definitely a good bonus! Shame I can't afford to deposit anything at the moment really...

hiyaall - 08:06pm March 9, 2010

Oh sounds tempting, but I am being good and not spending money till the credit card is clear.  Good luck.

xxmadmagzxx - 08:22pm March 9, 2010

thanks for the information surrey hun....seems like a good deal...godd luck if you play there xx

Pongo70 - 08:24pm March 9, 2010

thanks for the info but im staying away from cash sited for a bit plus im not a member here anyway

xxplaygirl2604xx - 08:32pm March 9, 2010

thanks for the information,i dont tend to play on pay sites though, i dont like giving out my details

keeleym - 08:43pm March 9, 2010

Sounds like a good offer, but the gone bingo one sounds even better, might check them out later.

lunar - 09:13pm March 9, 2010

Thank you very much for that information.   Good luck to all those playing there.

tjsmama - 09:42pm March 9, 2010

thanks for the code hun did get an email from them but not going to bother good luck who does

diamond777 - 10:08pm March 9, 2010

hi surrymummy thanks for info but dont play on posh good luck to those that do

lyndsey8256 - 10:29pm March 9, 2010

hi surreymummy oh thats a good bonus, might just have to take a look i still have a bit of time thank you

yummymummy23 - 10:31pm March 9, 2010

thank you for code, I have never been on that site, is it any good?

Ne3pf - 10:53pm March 9, 2010

that sounds like a brill bonus to me hun but i tend to stick to bp  gl  xx

daniel1991 - 11:00pm March 9, 2010

thanks for the info hun but as usual im too late for the promo,there is a proper promo page were this may have been better posted to as i check there first but wtg you on shareing the info

BbyGurl18 - 11:25pm March 9, 2010

This promo may have finished by now but no doubt they will have another one running

louie215 - 12:06am March 10, 2010

Hi many thanks for the information, hope you and anyone else who tried were lucky

blue-eyes - 12:22am March 10, 2010

thanks for the info surreymummy, but dont play on posh very much am not that keen on it

verneta - 12:30am March 10, 2010

Missed that one, but wish the best of luck to any that did get it and played.

susan34 - 12:33am March 10, 2010

Looks like have just missed out on this one but thank you for the info anyway. Hope those who gave it a go managed to get some good wins! xxx

hollyn - 12:38am March 10, 2010

Thanks for the information. I am not joining anymore pay to play sites at the moment though, I'm in need of my cash!

mrnice1970 - 12:48am March 10, 2010

Hey surrey mummy thanks for the info on the site and thanks for the code! Not heard of that one so I won't try it yet.

dave35boro - 05:44am March 10, 2010

thats a great bonus hun just a shame as im playing in australia wont let me withdraw

dantheporter - 07:05am March 10, 2010

thanks for that im not a member but im sure all those that are will be very grateful for that information

connah - 07:09am March 10, 2010

Cool Oh good bonus and thanks for the information... too bad i didnt get to know about it till next day lol. Hope you players that took the offer up had fun and luck playing with it.Wink

celia - 07:47am March 10, 2010

that was a great offer for paying players-i hope lots of you got a good run for your money on posh

JetSetBett - 08:17am March 10, 2010

hi surreymummy thank you for the information i hope you are lucky there

djbmr67 - 08:19am March 10, 2010

not one that i am a member of surreymummy but i am sure that quite a few peeps will have taken it up

jacijim - 08:58am March 10, 2010

awww sorry i missed it, hope you had fun and managed to win

bubba - 09:27am March 10, 2010

thnaks for info good luck to all that play on there i hope you are all lucky.xx

largegobb - 09:50am March 10, 2010

hi surreymum thank you for the information i hope all that tries it is lucky

ononotagane - 10:40am March 10, 2010

wow that really is a good deal from posh ... i bet loads of people use that one lol xxx

Midget22 - 11:00am March 10, 2010

Thats great, as usual, I turn up  a day too late. I like it when they match your money but when they increase it soo much, we get soo many more games...xx

jojojoc - 11:02am March 10, 2010

That sounds like a really good deal.  Think I will stick to freebie bingoport though!

markyates77 - 11:33am March 10, 2010

hi thanks for the information not sure i'll go on the site i like it too much here good luck

gamblingsucks - 11:39am March 10, 2010

wow surreymummy that is a great offer thanks for pointing it out i hope loads of peeps took advantage

gypsie69 - 12:26pm March 10, 2010

hi hun and thanks for the info , i enjoy playing at posh. good luck to all who play x

Aoife - 01:18pm March 10, 2010

i keep missing out on these codes i must try and keep a closer eye out for them i need to deposit on this site

saintsfc1 - 01:27pm March 10, 2010

That is a great offer but i don't really play on pay bingo sites.

annamf - 01:55pm March 10, 2010

sounds good hun i havnt yet had a look at posh i havnt checked it out yet ty

Pongo70 - 02:02pm March 10, 2010

thanks for the info but i belong to too many sites already and i dont play on them much now good luck yourself

JOKEAAA12 - 03:12pm March 10, 2010

thanx for info sounds good but i dont really play on paying sites i prefer it on here xx

jenangus - 06:41pm March 10, 2010

thats sounds like a good deal, good luck if you go there, hope you win big

jaf1954 - 04:50pm March 10, 2010

thank you for that , i never play on paying sites, i much prefer the free fun on bingoport.

eve23 - 05:33pm March 10, 2010

thanks for the info hun but me not a member but good luck to all who are xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

denise61 - 06:55pm March 10, 2010

Looks like I've missed it, never mind, hope whoever played got some wins

steffiboris - 07:48pm March 10, 2010

Thanks surreymummy, last couple of times I'v deposited on posh I couldn't catch a cold so I'll give it a miss but good luck to all trying.

menofmens78 - 07:57pm March 10, 2010

 i had a few wins when i first joined still play there now and again though

cc16442 - 09:35pm March 10, 2010

Sounds good, I wont be doing it myself but hope you do well.

blower1 - 08:02am March 11, 2010

Haven't won myself but wishing you lots of luck hun

Midget22 - 08:04am March 11, 2010

i was looking at the posh site, but not sure if i like the name, I usually pick bingo sites by their name, makes me feel lucky somehow !! xx

stecka - 08:21am March 11, 2010

I've never tried posh bingo - is it any good? I may have to take a look and see...

tonycee08 - 09:11am March 11, 2010

hi surreymummy thank you for the information i hope you are lucky there

pborian - 02:13pm March 14, 2010

i joined posh good to start with but then hardly won as allthe same winners every day went off for a month came back and still same people winning all the time how does that work