Forum: Think Bingo Topic: thank you think bingo

Peggy21 - 06:08pm June 26, 2013

wd reggie you certainly seem to be on a lucky streak on this site gl for future wins xx

monica42vazquez - 07:48pm March 17, 2013

Hi, Reggie.  Good to see that you are enjoying playing at Think Bingo and that you are winning on free games there.  I had not come across this site until I read your thread so I will check it out as I too like freebies. 

Noregasm - 07:26pm November 26, 2012

hi reggie wd on ya fiver win xgl with it hope ya win loads more xxx

tilly88 - 10:13pm November 25, 2012

hi reggie wd on winning 5 pounds in free bingo on think bingo n gl hun xx

bettmcd - 05:43pm November 25, 2012

Congratulations on your freebie win at Think Bingo and I hope that your good luck continues.

awinplease1967 - 04:15pm November 25, 2012

well done on winning another £5 at think bingo keep up the winning streak and enjoy playing the bingo xx

simone2400 - 01:04pm November 25, 2012

Well done ony your win reggie, hope your luck continues

crazywin - 07:58pm November 2, 2012

i won 15 on the free gam last night bought some of the prebuy game tickets for tonight hop they win

maxine84 - 07:49pm October 21, 2012

Glad you like Think bingo, Reggiebabe, and that you won another £ 5 on their free bingo games.  Good they have free games to play there at Think bingo.

redrum44 - 07:37pm August 22, 2012

well done reggie on your win at think bingo since this post hope  u have had lots more wins xgl

bigfoot82 - 10:07am May 11, 2012

i dont have much luck with free games but u got to b in it to win it as they say!  but one thing that annoys me is when ppl complain aw i got no chance im no way near why moan it free anyway! i like to pay to say i was in for the chance and not moan about it lol  best of luck glad u had some luck reggie and all the best for more luck in free room huni  x

denwit - 09:00am May 11, 2012

well done on your win at the think bingo site reggie,hope you are still winning there.x

valdapiper - 08:34am May 11, 2012

hi reggie,well done on your win,i think you like the think bingo site.x

sylwunia1 - 11:40am January 16, 2012

Well done on your win too - I hopeyou have had even bigger and better wins in the mean time xx

mikespike - 06:02pm January 12, 2012

Well done on your win, hope your good luck has continued!

dawn62 - 11:11pm May 29, 2011

thank you think bingo ,i have just won anougher £5 on the free bingo tonight. i will play in the cash bingo rooms now. i hope to increase my winnings. i like playing the free bingo on ,think bingo.

iffer - 11:13pm May 29, 2011

Aw fantastic Reggie, and good luck to you in the cash games tomorrow

todds - 02:15am May 30, 2011

I think that was a thank you to think bingo by reggiebabe, lol. Well done reggie

MAGZBEV - 06:41am May 30, 2011

Wtg hun, as I said this site likes you, so gl for many more wins there. Hadnt time to take a look yesterday but will do today

loopyloo2222 - 07:42am May 30, 2011

hi regibabe,well done in the free rooms,hope you have lots of luck in the pay rooms.

eve23 - 07:59am May 30, 2011

hiya reggie hun way to go you on your wink free £5 hu and good luck on playing in the rooms with it hun xxxxxxxxx

jeanterry - 08:40am May 30, 2011

nice one reggiebabe, good luck in the cash bingo rooms

trotters3 - 10:27am May 30, 2011

well done reggiebabe god luck in the cash games hope you win big Smile

tjsmama - 12:05pm May 30, 2011

well done on your win hun so nice to see people winning on the free rooms hope that you have lots of luck there

amandat64 - 12:35pm May 30, 2011

well done with your £5 win on thefree bingo hope your lucky in the cash rooms

hollyn - 03:48pm May 30, 2011

Well done on your free £5 win in think bingo. I hope your luck continues and you win enough to withdraw soon.

chazb06 - 04:05pm May 30, 2011

well done on your £5 win reggie, hope your good luck continues for you

ptkbandit - 06:44pm May 30, 2011

well done reggiebabe on your £5 win at think bingo, hope you are lucky in the cash bingo rooms now and win loads more too x

bingobev - 07:18pm May 30, 2011

well done on your free winnings! I am never lucky in the free rooms! Hope your £5 brings you luck! :)

lunar - 08:47pm May 30, 2011

Well done Reggie on your Think Bingo win.   Hope you are lucky when you play it through.

steffiboris - 10:48pm May 30, 2011

Well done on your free win reggie and good luck with it when you play in the cash rooms.

iffer - 11:16pm May 30, 2011

Good luck Reggie, I hope you manage to win more with your £5 win.

lyndsey8256 - 08:16am May 31, 2011

hi reggiebabe well done on your freebie win, i hope that this is lucky money for you good luck.

popsy_y2k - 08:18am May 31, 2011

hi reggiebabe ,well done on your fiver on freebie,hope your lucky in pay room.

senga10 - 07:37pm June 12, 2011

well done hun good luck in the real cash rooms hope you win lots xx

bigballs25 - 07:36pm June 14, 2011

Well done reggie winning £5 for free at think bingo- good luck in the pay games.

caliautoprice - 07:26pm June 20, 2011

Well done reggie on your £5 free bingo win at think bingo. Best of luck for your games in the cash rooms x

markyates77 - 11:23am June 26, 2011

congrats on your free £5 win i hope you get some more luck in the cash bingo rooms

janis2236 - 01:37am July 16, 2011

hi reggiebabe well done on your win and goodluck for a big one!!!

wzy454545 - 12:24pm October 15, 2011

Hi Reggie, glad your lucky on think bingo. Hope you have some great wins.

mdenise96 - 05:34pm October 22, 2011

i hope that you did increase your winnings reggie.well done on winning £5 earlier.

mike456tilly - 11:36am November 23, 2011

Congtratulations on the win reggie hope you have won loads more since