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mittzyjojo - 08:57pm November 5, 2012

has any one joined tombola bingo plz? i have tried a few times 2 join but it wont let me get on the site. have spoke 2 live help there  but they said its my flash player but i dont have problems anywere else. any help would be grateful thankyou n gl all xx

tilly88 - 09:08pm November 5, 2012

hi janjan sorry hun i cant help you im not a member of tombola hun but i hope you get it sorted xxx

Peggy21 - 09:23pm November 5, 2012

hope u get thi problem sorted an keep us informed.  if u manage to play glgl xx

donnak - 09:34pm November 5, 2012

hello jan im a member on tom bola and i don't have any problems hun try emailing them gl hunx

david59 - 10:24pm November 5, 2012

Hi Janjan I am not a member of Tombola, but it depends at what stage you cannot get on the site. You should be able to visit a site whether you have Flash Player or not. It is generally only required to play the bingo and that is after you have logged on. I am a bit confused how you spoke to live help if you could not get on the site. If your Flash Player is the problem it will flag it up that you require a certain version. I would email them and good luck in getting it sorted.

therapygirl - 12:41am November 6, 2012

sometimes you have to use anotherserver to get onto it thats as much as i know

MAGZBEV - 06:03am November 6, 2012

I have been a member for years hun, and it has been my fav site for nearly as long. Have never had an issue with the site, so maybe the flash player needs updating. I hope you manage to join as it's brill and gl there

bettmcd - 11:17am November 6, 2012

Hi jan.  I am not actually a member of Tombola, however, I did experience a similar problem on another site until I  updated my flash player.  I hope that you manage to get this issue resolved soon.

todds - 11:52am November 6, 2012

I had similar issues when Gala updated their site software last time & in the end as well as updating my flash player I also can only access it using chrome. It doesn't work with internet explorer so maybe that is what the problem is. Try a different browser as well.

Steven2011 - 06:23pm November 6, 2012

i am a member of tombola but dont go there very often as it is too busy for me but i have not had a problem getting in

douvet - 07:18pm November 6, 2012

hi jan, i'm sorry to hear you had problems joining tombola as it is a good site. i hope you get it resolved soon. i personally didn't have any problems there but haven't been there recently. good luck x

Noregasm - 08:14pm November 6, 2012

hi jan ss dont know hunni i know lots on here play tombola n like it hope you get an answer soon hunni xxx

lyndsey8256 - 11:43pm November 6, 2012

hi janjan thats odd i have never had a problem with tombola, maybe its to do with cookies and things. Hope you get it sorted as tombola has some fab games.

kaylz01 - 05:34pm November 7, 2012

i played tombolla bingo and i liked it

Steven2011 - 07:49pm November 7, 2012

i hope the problems you have been having with tombola have got sorted now but it is a very busy site so maybe that has been a cause

maxine84 - 09:34pm November 7, 2012

Hi janjan, sorry I am not a member of Tombola bingo, but have you tried a different browser, that might help.  Hope you come right.

valdapiper - 08:57am November 8, 2012

hi jan,i am a member of tombola but have not had any problems,hope you get it sorted.x

denwit - 06:52am November 13, 2012

hi jan,sorry to hear you are having problems with tombola,hope you get it sorted.x

simone2400 - 06:13pm November 23, 2012

Sorry to hear you are having problems, hope you get it sorted soon maybe try using a different browser i use chrome and have no problems

Indosmart - 01:38pm November 26, 2012

hi jan, sorry to hear that you are having problems joining tombola bingo, i'm a member and have never had any problems, i hope that you managed to get it sorted out.

awinplease1967 - 06:51pm November 26, 2012

hi janjan i see you have had quite a few replies already i agree with pippa it could be your server as a lot of sites are faster and old servers cant cope good luck x

james24 - 07:07pm December 19, 2012

sorry to hear your having problems , i like tombola

jaexxx - 08:48pm July 27, 2013

hi janjan hope  you have sorted out your probs i have never had any probs good luckxx

Aneliese33 - 03:04pm July 28, 2013

hi jan sorry you are having problems at tombola hope you get sorted soon good luck when you do

monica42vazquez - 09:35am September 22, 2013

Hi, Janjan!  I do hope that you resolved the difficulties you encountered trying to join Tombola.  If not, do persevere as it is the most enjoyable cash site with unique games.  Extra good luck to you if you do manage to join.