10 Signs You Know You're Bingo Obsessed


So you love to play bingo. That much is obvious. You love to play for those huge jackpots, and nothing quite beats the feeling of chatting to your favourite roomies. But have you ever thought about just how much you love bingo? To find out, check out our top 10 signs that show just how bingo obsessed you really are. So enjoy...

1. Bingo Lingo Is Your Actual Language

gif of a man speaking gibberish

You love bingo so much that you talk to your friends and family in Bingo Lingo. Instead of laughing, you say LOL. If you need to say goodnight to someone, you just say HAGN. Unfortunately, not all of your friends are willing to learn your Lingo, which can lead to a few lost-in-translation situations to say the least. But at least you’re having fun. That’s all that matters after all!

2. Every Second Is Part Of The Bingo Countdown

gif of a slow clock countdown

All you have on your mind right now is playing bingo. You’re counting down the seconds until you can play, you can already see your winning numbers in front of you, and you already know what site you’re going to play on without using a Prep Sheet. You just have to get through an entire day- which totally won’t be difficult!

3. Bingo Is Part Of Your Budget

gif of a woman saying 'i'm on a budget'

When you sit down and calculate your monthly budget for food and bills, you also take into consideration your bingo deposit money. After all, it’s just good budgeting to take it into account! That way you know exactly what you can afford and are happy to spend, you know you’re playing safely, and that makes your bingo all the more fun! 

4. You're Forgetful About Bingo Depositing

gif of a man saying 'stupid brain'

You love bingo so much that you kind of lose count over how many depositing methods you use. You’re pretty sure that you use your debit card on Foxy Bingo, your credit card on Gala Bingo and Boku on Pet Shop Bingo, but you’re not entirely sure... You end up writing everything down to make sure you keep on top of it all!

5. Bingo Is All You Dream About

gif of a man saying 'excuse me for dreaming'

Your all-time favourite dream (that you have at least once a week) is of you winning a jackpot. But not just any jackpot. We mean the ultimate, mega-jackpot. The one that means you can retire early and never look back. In your dreams, you win that jackpot even faster than the current world-record.Of course, the dream is usually complete with confetti and a congratulations from the Queen. We’re not sure this is entirely realistic, but hey, who are we to judge?

6. You're The Newbies' Teacher

gif of a man saying 'not all learning comes out of books'

When newbies go to their first bingo site, you’re their first stop. You’re like their personal FAQ page! Need to know what depositing methods are available? Piece of cake- this bingo expert can give you all the advice you need, complete with guides more informative than ours.Want to know what the wagering requirements are? This bingo player will blow your mind with their knowledge. If teaching newbies was a job, you’d be the most sought-out teacher in the world!

7. You're A Promotions Hound

gif of a girl holding a magnifying glass

You don’t mean to brag, but you happen to be the best at finding bonuses and promotions. You don’t even need to check in with your Chat Moderator (as great as they are). You just have this insane knack for finding bingo promotions. You’re hooked up to all the necessary social media, and you have BingoPort bookmarked—there’s no way you’re ever behind the times!

8. You're A Certified Bingo Brainwasher

gif of zoolander brainwashing

To say that you love bingo would be a bit of an understatement. You live and breathe bingo. You love it so much that you’re usually found praising it to your friends. Whether it’s telling them about the huge jackpots or reminiscing about your fun times in the chatroom, you leave no stone unturned. And if your friend isn’t converted by the end of it… well, let’s just say that you weren’t that good friends anyway!


9. You're The Ultimate Bingo Explorer

gif of a man saying 'don't tell me what i can't do'

Now this is impressive. Not only have you made your way through our award-winning and recommended sites, you’re also making your way through our new sites as we speak. You’re the ultimate bingo explorer, and you don’t like to sit still and play on the same sites forever. There are too many sites out there to try out! If we didn’t know any better, we’d say you were a Sagittarius.  

10. Bingo Clothing Is Not Optional

image of a bingo-related t-shirt

You like to make your bingo love very clear, especially in public. So you like to flaunt it with your bingo clothing. And there’s a lot. You own a bingo jumper, bingo socks, bingo hats and even bingo ties. When people worry about what to get you for your birthday, they go for the safe option and buy you bingo-related clothing. We definitely give you five stars for going all out!

So, how many of these signs apply to you? Let us know in the comments.

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