The 10 Stages of Winning at Bingo

We've (hopefully) all been there. Winning is a big part of the fun of online bingo, and one of the top reasons we all play. But there are a rollercoaster of emotions to get through before then...


There’s a game about to start, and you’re feeling ready.

It's showtime gif


So you start buying up tickets.

Golden ticket gif


At first it’s all about the chat room banter.

Talk to me gif


Then the game starts, and you’re all like:

Focus gif


Halfway through, you start to believe you can do it.

I'm winning gif


But when you’re nearly there, another player calls 1TG.

Please no gif


Then, all of a sudden, your numbers are up...

Overly excited dance gif


So there’s only one thing left to do:

Obama mic drop gif


(Other than collect your winnings of course)

I love money gif


Then, naturally, it’s time to go again.


Of course, you can't win all the time. That would be silly. But whichever way the game goes, it's sure to be emotional. Check out the 10 Stages of Losing at Bingo — can you relate?

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