10 Times Dogs Were (Almost) Better than Bingo

Whilst many of our readers may be more inclined towards furry felines, dogs have firmly established themselves as man’s best friend. But in the battle between the world’s best-loved pet and the nation’s favourite game, who could possibly win out?

Nothing quite gets our heart racing like the call of “eyes down”, the adrenaline pumping when you’ve got 1TG, or the euphoria of being able to celebrate a win… but we’ll admit that these super-cute canines come pretty close.

1. When this leprechaun-hatted dog lived its best life:

Top o' the mornin' to ya

2. When they showed us that sharing is caring:

Why don't you love peanut butter?

3. When this dog proved the power of persistence:

4. When they were as bad at mornings as we are:

5. When this dog's life imitated art:

Paint me like one of your French bulldogs

6. When they climbed the corporate ladder:

Move aside, Business Cat

7. When this dog felt the sting of betrayal:

8. When this dog just needed some love:


9. When they were self-reliant:

All the single ladies, all the single ladies

10. And finally, when this dog got a ball pit:

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