At Home Bingo Game Print Bingo Cards Online

Article published on October 20, 2007 07:32am

This is a new game we have had constructed so people can print out bingo cards and play bingo at home. Bingo is a social game to be played in the community as it brings players together in a social environment; it’s a fun sociable way to spend an evening with your friends and family too. To Print your Free Bingo cards visit NOTE: It can even call out the bingo balls for you! We decided here at knowing how much you all love the [tag]game Bingo[/tag] that we would assist you with getting started on playing a game or two at home, in school clubs, mother toddler groups etc…. We have installed a bingo Card builder for you to use, this will enable you to print your own cards for your own use, you could use these at a games night, fundraising events for your school or clubs or even just a social night in with the girls.. The Bingo nights we organize at our PTA events are great fun the prizes are very nice and it’s a real community atmosphere which is always fun, exciting and very popular. Go to our link where you will enter the Card builder here you will be able to select from two different varieties of the game either 75 ball bingo cards or 90 ball bingo cards. Onto the card builder and here are some simple instructions for you. From the first page you need to select the format for the cards you require, as mentioned previously this could be either 75 ball bingo cards based on the American format, or 90 ball bingo cards based on the European format. Either game is just as exciting as the other but 90 ball bingo will usually take longer to play and there can be 3 prizes per game where as 75 ball is traditionally quicker and is usually based on there being one prize per game, less winners but more games. On to the second page you have what we refer to as the Card builder. Step One: you can choose a heading for your cards I.E. could be club name, school name etc. Step Two: Enables you to put a heading on the cards I.E. if you have teams playing you could put each teams names on the cards, alternatively each individuals name but its up to you, you may even need it to put a ticket price if required, if not then just leave it blank.. Step Three: Lets you select the background color for your cards maybe your school or club colors. Step Four: Select how many cards you want generated. Step Five: On this page you click to send the information to the third page where the number of cards you selected will have been produced for you to print out and use at home/school or club. We hope you have lots of fun making your cards and even more fun playing the game at home with the kids or wherever with whomever. All you now need to do is organize a fun night with friends and family or perhaps you are adventurous enough to organize a night at your school or local club, helping them to raise some funds and also getting the local community together for a fun exciting night together If this is what you are planning then ensure you use our bingo card maker and individualize them with your club or schools details and purchase price. You can purchase balls and a bingo cage in the high street and with your cards created and downloaded especially for your games night you’ll be set for a fun evenings play. So get organizing send out the invites organize your caller get in the snacks and wine all ready for a thrilling night of fun entertainment and great company. We would love to hear from you all regarding your bingo nights and will be looking forward to receiving some of your stories from your fun evenings gaming in our forum. Get printing and let’s get playing!! One last thing, it’s not just for us we can let the kids play too… Remember these cards are for your use at home or during organized fund rising events and must not be sold to a third party with the intent of making money. You will be liable if caught doing so. The game bingo is thought to originate in Italy back in the 14th century it is a very popular game which is very easy to play. You select the number of cards required to play and with your dauber(pen) in hand you wait as the host/bingo caller calls numbers usually draw from a revolving ball/cage which has balls numbered 1-75 in the case of 75 ball bingo and 1-90 as in the 90ball bingo game. As the numbers are selected in a random fashion you mark the corresponding number from your game ticket. Once you have marked all the numbers required in that particular game and if you are the first to do so you would call BINGO/HOUSE the game would stop play and you would claim relevant prize. Our at home bingo game you have the option of selecting which type of game format you prefer. You can purchase the all other Bingo items that are required to play from any reputable toy store. I made my own balls which I use at our school PTA evenings and for evenings with friends and when playing with the kids.. Using ping pong balls painted with the numbers required for each of the different game formats and a large bin which has a cover and is easily shaken. Balls are drawn randomly and placed on a large bingo master board where all the numbers shown indicating what has been drawn already… So you don’t need much to have a game, play with the kids, and have a girl’s night in with a bottle or two. You could even arrange a fundraising event for your school or local club, everyone loves bingo it’s a fun exciting game for all.