Online Bingo

Article published on January 12, 2010 12:00am

Tombola Bingo is a fantastic online bingo site with a huge selection of unique games and jackpots. There is so much to be won here and none of these games can be found any where else so you know that when your playing bingo that only the people in that bingo room can win the prizes.

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With many other bingo sites this is not the case and the jackpots might not be won from a person in the exact bingo site your on giving you less chance to win. There are so many different games available to choose from at Tombola Bingo including Lucky Pick which is a free game of chance to be played by depositing players, this online bingo game is played every day and gives you the chance of winning up to £500 every week for nothing. There is also plenty of other exciting games to play at Tombola Bingo including 90 ball bingo, 80 ball, 75 ball and even 50 ball bubble wrap bingo. If you prefer to play side game then there are plenty here including battleships, bandits, hamster race and many more. You can start playing bingo from 2p and with progressive jackpots being won nearly every night you have more chances to win. On average the jackpots are around £110 every games. The layout of the site is fantastic and is really spacious, it on one side of the homepage there is a list of all the games so you can choose accordingly and in the middle is the news column where every day tombola will write all the latest news including winners, big jackpots and much much more.