Facebook Bingo Game of the Year Award Launched By WhichBingo

Article published on July 15, 2011 08:10am

Looking back to less than a year ago when the initial bingo applications began to show up on Facebook with a small fan following, we can see how far bingo game son Facebook have come. Today, these online bingo games on Facebook have almost developed into a greatly well-known social medium on their own.

Bingo games on Facebook have had thousands and thousands of patron members and players who came together from all parts of the world to play free bingo despite there being no real money or gambling restrictions involved. WhichBingo is one of the pioneers among all the other online gambling portals to organize an annual award to identify the struggle and the hard work that is put into pay-to-play online bingo websites. Now it is looking to these Facebook bingo games and believes that it is only fair to be the first to offer players the ability to give the same courtesy to the greatly famous Facebook bingo games and portals. The founder of WhichBingo, Phil Fraser said at the launch of the Award: "The popularity of bingo on Facebook and its rate of growth have been quite phenomenal. Just twelve months ago bingo games on Facebook were a mere dot on the horizon. They are now firmly in view and have lead to accelerated innovation throughout the industry. This is, of course, great news for all bingo players - whether they play on Facebook or at pay-to-play sites." Voting in the WhichBingo Facebook Bingo Game of the Year Award, a first of its kind is now open and the competition is anticipated to be close run with thousands of players being patrons to their particular, favourite website. "The WhichBingo UK 'Facebook Bingo Game of the Year' award gives players the chance to voice their appreciation for which bingo game on Facebook they feel deserves recognition for its achievements,” he added.