Charity Bingo Becomes Very Popular Trend

Article published on July 18, 2011 12:35am

Charity Bingo

Bingo has always been a charitable game of chance, played not just to win bets, but also to raise funds for worthy causes. The game is the favourite of philanthropists who want to give to the underprivileged while having fun playing their favourite bingo games. Long before bingo was commercialized and bingo sites mushroomed all over the Internet, bingo was played in church halls and community centres to raise funds to repair significant public buildings, donate to the sick and the poor, conduct social events, and so on.

Today, bingo is mostly played at land bingo halls and online bingo sites, but it is still used to raise funds for charity. In fact, altruism, philanthropy, and raising funds for charity have always been part of the bingo gaming culture and will continue to be. What’s more, it appears as if the charity bingo trend is becoming more and more popular with entire bingo sites devoting themselves to the theme of charity bingo. Bingo Giving, for example, is one of the most charitable online bingo sites in the industry. Besides being a paradise of free bingo coupons and deposit bonuses, Bingo Giving runs fantastic promotions that give players the chance to win fabulous cash as well as non cash prizes. Whenever players play at Bingo Giving, they will be donating to charity. This month, Bingo Giving is focusing on Count the Kicks, and will be able to donate more only if players play more bingo. The trend of playing bingo for charity is not just popular at online bingo sites, but also at land-based bingo halls and charity organizations. For instance, the Benchwork program, which provides employment to disabled adults, organizes bingo games on Saturdays, giving bingo lovers the chance to play their favourite games and give to charity. Bingo players in a philanthropic mood can always find charity bingo games being played at popular online bingo sites such as Mecca Bingo and William Hill Bingo. William Hill Bingo, for example, delights in raising funds for charity. In 2008 – 09, the online bingo site donated £41,000 to Breast Cancer Care; and recently, it raised £3,530.60 more through its Pink Ribbon sessions. The online bingo site gave players the option to donate to charities such as Walk the Walk, Macmillan Cancer Support, Marie Curie Cancer Care, Breast Cancer Care, and Cancer Research UK. Interested players can check out the bingo site’s Charity Support section for more information.