Pavilion Bingo Club Re-opens after 14 Months

Article published on July 19, 2011 12:58am

Pavilion Bingo Club

The Pavilion Bingo Club, which belongs to Border Bingo Clubs, was thrown open after a time gap of nearly 14 months. The facility had been closed since May last year when it’s brand new false ceiling collapsed for reasons that are still unknown.

When the ceiling of Pavilion Bingo Club collapsed, around 8 employees and 102 customers were hastily evacuated from Market Street, which also belongs to Border Bingo Clubs, and 34 others were moved from the nearby cinema. Work on reconstructing the bingo club began soon after. The Scottish Borders Council (SBC), which immediately began investigating the incident, still hasn’t found an answer. An SBC spokesperson said that the investigation into the collapse of the bingo hall’s ceiling is still in progress, adding that the tenant and the landlord have fully cooperated with the investigators. The spokesperson also said that the SBC is working with Health and Safety Executive specialists to determine the reasons for the collapse. Fortunately, the collapse did not cause any death or injury, in spite of which 3 ambulances, 3 fire engines, and 2 police vans rushed to the place. Kurt Ramage, who was at the bingo hall with his wife the day the ceiling collapsed, said that everybody had a miraculous escape. Recalling the incident, he said that he heard a crack, looked up, and saw that the ceiling over his head had developed a crack. When more cracks were heard, the manageress urged all the players to leave the hall as quickly as possible. The bingo players who had beat a hasty retreat on the day the ceiling collapsed were back on the day it re-opened. Mr. Ramage, who was also back, appreciated the club’s new look and said that everybody got a free bingo game and a free glass of wine on re-opening day. Christine Grahame, who had been a bingo caller for some time, said that meeting so many people from the locality and watching them enjoy playing bingo with their friends and loved ones is a delightful experience. She also said that the bingo facility will generate 16 new jobs for the people in the locality. Border Bingo Club has issued a press statement in which it has expressed its gratitude to its loyal bingo players who had supported the bingo hall throughout the previous year. The press statement also said that the Pavilion Bingo Club is now larger, more glamorous, and better looking that before.