Cassava Bingo Sites Blocking Out Players

Article published on July 22, 2011 06:54am

Bingo Site Withdrawals

There is still much ambiguity regarding online bingo players looking to redeposit being prohibited from all Cassava moderated bingo sites. And till now, there has been no hint of an explanation for any of the players who are affected. The problem is the very fact that the players are being banned from a list of well-known online bingo websites and the one thing that these players have erred in is to want to take their winnings back, ideally, bigger amounts once they get the bonus, which they may want to deposit and play again.

Owned by the 888group, Cassava Enterprises functions under the license granted in Gibraltar. Almost 90 bingo sites operate under the Cassava banner and they are in different kinds such as, Sing Bingo, abcbingo, Wink Bingo, Shampoo Bingo, 888ladies Bingo, Bingo Giving, Moon Bingo, Foxy Bingo and more household names. This causes a rather big problem for a lot of bingo players who will be affected by this rule though unwritten, is still being implemented. The reason why this is probably happening is because of the lot which has been branded as the “bonus abusers” because of withdrawal process at these websites being so longwinded. Hence, any player who has been fortunate to win in any one of the Cassava sites has to wait for over a week or more to get the winnings back. Also, there is a maximum of two day time duration where in a reversal can be made to deposit the money back to play with. A lot of readers will be already informed that these websites will also provide a bonus on all re-deposits. Also, having a look at the terms and conditions on these sites, there are reasons aplenty as to why Cassava Enterprises can shut down a player's account. Having said that, bingo players should not shy away from playing in the bingo websites and withdrawing their winnings when they wish to do so. What is the reason behind an operator wanting to pull in bingo players with great welcome offers and offer a bingo site that players adore just to have them face problems, if they want to play again? Since it is the reload bonuses that are causing all the conflicts, it is wiser to eliminate this feature completely and give them out as a onetime offer, so that there is not much to abuse. Also, it would be better if players had some kind of news from the company, so they are clued in as to what is happening.