Party Bingo's Chat Etiquette

Article published on November 26, 2011 12:00am

If you're looking for a bingo site that is open all hours of the day or night then is the site to head to. This online bingo site has an enchanting design with some bubbly animations and a theme that matches perfectly through out. Plus Party Bingo is more than user friendly as it offers their own beginners guide to show all the newbies what's on offer and how to play.

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You can have a great time not only joining in the wide variety of bingo games but also by joining in the chat rooms. There are some Party bingo chat room etiquette standards for all players to abide by and this keeps the atmosphere in the room electric. If you start using bad language or upset any of the players or chat hosts you will be removed from chat for 24 hours. This is to make sure all of the players are having the up most fun possible. There are many chat games for players to take part in which if you win you will be rewarded with free bonus cash. This bonus cash can only be spent on bingo tickets but improves your chances of winning. Chat games are great fun to play and are completely free, as long as you are a depositing player and have tickets into the bingo game that is playing you can join in. Chat games are simple and each one will be explained before it begins so you can choose your lucky numbers and understand how to play.

Party Bingo has a welcoming community and if you're looking to make some new friends then you're sure to make them here. Why not pop down today and grab your 300% first deposit bonus.