Chat and Games at Tesco Bingo

Article published on January 08, 2012 12:00am

For a couple of years now, there has been rumour of 'Tesco Bingo' - yes, the super store giant have now been associated with the online bingo and gambling industry and it has got tongues in the bingo world wagging!

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Tesco started off selling food to locals, but now, the superstore chain is a huge global name and the company itself offers everything from food, electricals, clothes, entertainment and jewellery, to hospitality, petrol and even insurance and energy. With such a long list of offerings under its belt, it is no wonder that the world is now waiting with baited breath to hear of the next venture, but will that next venture be a Tesco Bingo bingo site residing at

Tesco have not confirmed any plans to create an online bingo site, but this is a company that makes fast money and hops on every bandwagon, so why wouldn't they jump into the world of online bingo for those reasons?

The mere thought has tongues wagging amongst online bingo fans and even the industry giants, and many are wondering what Tesco Bingo would house if it ever was to be created and launched into the world. Would it follow it's money saving mantra and offer online bingo tickets of fantastic prices to help your deposit and money go further? Would they theme gifts and give away prizes around their super stores? And would you be able to claim Clubcard points with your deposits and bingo spends?

Tesco Bingo could be an amazing venture and one can only hope it really is launched!