Keep an Eye on Beacon Bingo

Article published on September 11, 2012 04:51am

Beacon Bingo is a nice little online bingo site. There are a fair few games there for people to play, and considering it’s one of the smaller sites it is a good place to play at. They have quite a few generous prizes on offer and the atmosphere is very friendly.

To Join Beacon Bingo, click here Make sure you keep an eye on the promotion page at Beacon Bingo because this is where any special offers will appear. Online Bingo is great for special offers – there are all sorts of different things on offer – free games, special prizes, etc – and you can find many of these at Beacon Bingo. Just make sure you are a funded player and then you can join in with anything you fancy. One of Beacon Bingo’s popular promotions is Nifty 50. This is a series of games that offer members double prizes. People like them because they give you the chance to win a better prize but the outlay is the same. Lots of people play the games so there will be a nice amount of Beacon Bingo members online if you decide to join in. The Nifty 50 games at Beacon Bingo have proved so popular that the management have decided to run them on Fridays as well as Saturdays. They used to be on only on Saturdays between 9pm and 10pm, but now they are on at the same time on Fridays too. Just be in Rehab Bingo’s Cricklewood Room if you want to join in with them. Get more information, click here!