Become a Chat Moderator – A Bingoport How to Guide

As the bingo industry grows, more bingo sites are starting up daily, and with new sites comes the need for regulation in the chat rooms. A Chat Moderator (CM) basically looks after the chat rooms that bingo players are playing and chatting in.

They monitor the live chat going on between players, they also run the chat games that play in the rooms and most importantly make sure that everyone in the chat room is having fun.

The chat moderator is in charge of handing out all those lovely bonus points, to winning players of chat games, depending on which bingo site you are playing on your can redeem these for bonus cash to spend on bingo. Most of the bigger sites have a about 6 or 7 Chat Moderators, enough to cover all chat rooms comfortably. Their responsibility is to welcome new players, have good banter and answer any questions regarding bingo games or other aspects of the site.

When you first enter the chat room you’ll be greeted by the CM, and they’ll inform you of what game they are currently playing in the chat. They’ll always be very friendly so if you have a query you can turn to the CM and you’ll always receive a positive response back.

If you would like to become a CM, you’ll need to email your CV to the support team of the bingo site you are hoping to become a CM of. If you don’t get the answer you were hoping for on your first application, don’t be disheartened. If you show perseverance by emailing your CV to the support team about once a month, you’ll show how keen you are. There is a site called they keep an up to date list of job vacancies for CM’s. If you send your resume to them, you will be able to start emailing bingo managers, these are the people who look after the whole site, and if you make your presence known with a manager here, your chances of becoming a CM will greatly increase.

Lots of CM have got their job by applying through the above methods and now have a career they love, they can work the hours they like, which allows them to take time out for their family. Plus, they have the advantage of working from their own home! If you think you’ve got what it takes to become a CM then why not try using the techniques suggested and it could help you on the way to become a fantastic CM, good luck! smiley

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