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Bingoport Meet at Leeds German Market

Leeds Market

It all started with 2 people mentioning in our free bingo chat that they would meet each other then it  moved to a Facebook post and went on from there! So on Saturday 21st November a few brave souls bared the winter weather and met up at Leeds to visit the German Market.  As we all arrived in dribs and drabs at the meeting point, Leeds Train Station, and it was sooo cold we decided the best thing was to sit in the warm pub with a drink (of course) and wait for each other!  Witchy had even brought the straws so we could all share the coffee Barky was buying.............by the way, I never saw that coffee Barky lol

Leeds Market

(L-R barky, Witchypoo, mto121, gilliandt, marie2009)

Once we had all gathered together and got to know each other we headed off towards the Market. Some were walking and some were getting taxis as the Market was up a hill and they didnt want to get too breathless, so we arranged to meet at..............yes you guessed it, the pub next to the Market, where we all managed to get seats, grab a snack and more beer hehehe!


Leeds Market

(L-R rochelle10, suuzzi, 1008maggie, barky, Witchypoo, mto121, gilliandt)

Sharples1982 couldnt make it but she sent a cake with her mum marie2009 for us all to share.  I must have blinked because I missed the cake too, I think a naughty pixie kept it all for themselves ;)

Leeds Market

(L-R nannysrule and H0TT0TTIE)

Some of us did actually get to walk around the Market, some preferred the warmth of the pub (I don't blame them the wind was icy cold)   But the day was fabulous and we all got to see some old friends and meet some new ones.  I had a wonderful day, its so nice to put faces to names and to see your all as crazy in real life as you are online hehehe.

Thank you to, H0TT0TTIE, witchypoos, barky, mto121, suuzzi, 1008maggie, gilliandt, rochelle10, marie2009, nannysrule,  zig-zag-zig and all the family you brought with you.  It was a pleasure meeting you all (even mto)   hahaha!

I really hope we can do this again very soon.

Kaz x

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