Get to know them: CM H0TT0TTIE

8 years of fun, frivolity and lasting friendships: CM H0TT0TTIE spills the beans on life at BingoPort


One of BingoPort’s longest serving chat moderators, H0TT0TTIE, is full of entertaining stories about chat room life.

Photo of chat moderator H0TT0TTIE

She is, of course, a whiz at Bingo Lingo, and relates that while regular players will usually understand the ‘text speak’ that is commonly used in chat rooms, newbies can occasionally misinterpret what is being said. ‘One player thought – when I typed BRB MNC (be right back, mother nature calls) – that I was saying ‘be right back, Mason nappy change’ (Mason is H0TT0TTIE’s son). The chat erupted with laughter - although it was definitely with the newbie, rather than at them!

‘Little things like typos, or well known bingo lingo which new players don’t understand, can bring so much hilarity into the room and stick with people for a long time’

Another memorable incident came in the midst of a chat game. ‘I asked one of my nuttiest players the question “I live on Drury Lane and I make muffins – what’s my name?” and she replies “can I say in chat?”’ H0TT0TTIE told her that ‘of course’ she could, and the player ‘just typed out my full name… and not the actual answer to the question, which was The Muffin Man. The whole room burst into hysterics.’

It seems that H0TT0TTIE’s typical BingoPort day features a lot of laughter. Indeed, when a roomie exclaimed that she’d just won some money on the lottery, the CM (‘me being me’) immediately advised the player to ‘put your ticket down your bra so you don’t lose it’. Cue giggles all round.

What goes around comes around

It’s no wonder, then, that CM H0TT0TTIE reports that there has never been any trouble in her chat rooms. Her philosophy is simple, but effective: ‘I find if you show the players respect... then they will show you the same respect back.’ This approach has helped to develop the close BingoPort community that we see today.

Photo of chat moderator H0TT0TTIE with her son

‘I look at it as one big family. We have all been through so many good and bad times together, but always been there for each other, through marriages, breakups, lost people or pets, illness…’

H0TT0TTIE herself loves the community aspect of the site, and has built up ‘numerous friendships [who are] not just friends online, but friends for life’. She even comments that the best thing about the job ‘is meeting so many fantastic people from all walks of life, making lifelong friends and having a laugh with them every time I am there.’

BingoPort: bringing people together

And, as though the reunion of long-lost sisters through BingoPort wasn’t enough, she can testify to members finding true love as well.

The couple she has in mind were ‘two regular players’ – one living in France, the other in the UK – who fell for each other through the chat rooms on site. ‘Every morning they played in my room and you could see a romance blossoming.’ The relationship developed and H0TT0TTIE says that ‘everyone was happy to hear the news [when] they officially became a couple’ and the two moved in together. It just goes to show that anything can happen on BingoPort!

For CM H0TT0TTIE, each day brings with it all the fun, frivolity and friendships that the ‘big, crazy family’ of BingoPort provides.


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