Get to know them: CM-melvina01

New to the stakes: CM Melvina01 tells us how she got into moderating... and why she never wants to leave

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Chat Moderator Melvina01 (otherwise known as CM bingoport3) might be new to CM-ing on BingoPort, but is an old hand at the site itself. She claims never to have had a bad experience at BingoPort: ‘everyone was so welcoming when I first signed up to the site’, she says, ‘and very helpful’.

After joining the site some years ago, she decided to decline the role in the past, but recently thought she’d give it a go. She has no regrets.

‘It can be challenging at times’, the Moderator admits, but says that’s all part of the fun. She especially advocates having an active role: ‘the best part is… having a good chat and a laugh with the players.’

'I had great people to keep me on the right track' 

Not knowing what to expect in her new role, Melvina01 was relieved to find support every step of the way. It was definitely a learning curve, but the Host says she was welcomed with open arms – both by chat players, who all congratulated her after her first shift, and other CMs, who are always happy to help, point her in the right direction, and keep her on track. She thinks it surprised other players that she had become a Chat Moderator, but they all wished her well. It shows that the site has great solidarity.

There are 3 main aspects to a typical shift. Melvina01 says she chats to players about all sorts of things, in addition to playing the chat games, and helping people: answering queries and the like.

Open Arms

She often sees many of the same people in her rooms; there is clearly a tight-knit community spirit. But that doesn’t mean that rooms are exclusive, or that non-regular players feel excluded: ‘we make them all welcome’, newbies and old-timers alike.

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And there’s good news for anyone struggling with learning all that bingo chat! Melvina01 herself admits to knowing only the most popular bingo lingo. I ask about misunderstandings – whether anyone’s ever misinterpreted what’s been said in the chat rooms – but am told that such instances are rare. ‘We try and say things that everyone can understand.’

'One of the best things that I have ever done'

The thing that is most evident from speaking to Melvina01 is her enthusiasm, and how much she enjoys her role (‘every minute of it’). Will she carry on? Most certainly… ‘hopefully for many years to come.’



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