5 Inspirational Real Life Stories That’ll Take Your Mind off Losing at Bingo

Bingo, like all aspects of life, comes with its ups and downs. It’s also a game of chance, so it’s natural that you’re going to go through some periods when Lady Luck just doesn’t seem to be looking too favourably on you—after all, we've all been through the 10 stages of losing at bingo!

So, we thought it might be a good idea to put together some of our favourite inspirational real life stories, to help you take your mind off losing at bingo. These are perfect if you’re going through a dry spell, or if you just need cheering up!

Pride of Britain

What better place to start than with Pride of Britain 2016 winner Billy Muir? Billy, who lives on the remote island of North Ronaldsay in the Orkneys, has been described as Britain’s hardest-working man. The 68-year-old sustains 20 jobs, all to keep his community alive and kicking.

The sheer variety of work that Billy completes is simply awe-inspiring—for a start, he works as an electrician, a firefighter and a tour guide for the island’s visitors. Billy also keeps a breed of rare seaweed-eating sheep, sits on the council, and mans the island’s lighthouse to keep any ships at bay—a commitment he’s held for 47 years.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Billy’s massive range of jobs is that he volunteers for most of them! He also states that he’s got no plans to retire, as long as he’s fit and healthy. Here at BingoPort we wish Billy many happy years as the pillar of his thriving rural community—what an inspiration to us all!

Inspirational real life stories—North Ronaldsay lighthouse

Adoptive parents

On the other side of the world, there’s an American couple who are equally as inspiring as Billy, but for completely different reasons. Adopting just one child is heroic enough, but Jeremy and Kaley Carling took it upon themselves to give FOUR children a loving home!

After struggling to conceive, the high school sweethearts decided to go down the process of adoption. Many adoptions are fraught with emotional complications, and this one was no different.

The couple initially pursued the process with a birth mother, guiding her through pregnancy and supporting her both emotionally and financially. However, the mother changed her mind just after the child was born, which was devastating for the Carlings.

In spite of this setback, Jeremy and Kaley were determined to stay positive. Soon enough, they received a call from social services to let them know that two biological sisters were available to foster, and the very same day discovered that a mother wanted to place her twins in their care! No questions were asked—this generous couple are now the proud parents of four happy children. The judge who swore the Carlings in as the legal parents of these kids reportedly said that she’s never seen so much love in a courtroom!


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LilyBelle the goldendoodle

For another tale from across the pond, what about LilyBelle the goldendoodle? LilyBelle can sniff out nuts in food, which is essential because her owner and best friend Meghan is highly allergic to them. LilyBelle and Meghan are inseparable—they go with each other everywhere, even to school! This isn’t just cute— it could also be lifesaving for Meghan. Now her family have the peace of mind that that she won’t accidentally consume any nuts and suffer a potentially deadly shock.

This dog’s talents don’t stop there, however—Meghan also suffers from a rare condition that causes seizures, which LilyBelle is able to detect! Then she can go and alert others so that Meghan gets the help she needs. To Meghan, LilyBelle is much more than man’s best friend!

Lifesaving six-year-old

A bit closer to home, this week a six-year-old girl saved her dad’s life after he suffered a stroke at the age of only 32. Maisie Donoghue noticed that something was seriously wrong when her Dad came into the house and couldn’t move his arm.

She also recognised that one side of his face was drooping, and had the initiative to contact her nan straight away. An ambulance was then called, and came straight round. While strokes take a long time to recover from, Maisie’s quick response ensured that her dad, Andy, is on the right track.

Inspirational entrepeneur

Finally, we’ve got an inspirational real life story from a Syrian refugee. Razan Alsous was forced to flee Syria when a bomb exploded outside her husband’s office in Damascus. Thankfully he survived, and the couple sought refuge at her brother-in-law’s house in Huddersfield. While this was initially meant to be a temporary arrangement, as the situation in Syria worsened they had no option but to apply for asylum.

Alsous, who was a medical lab technician in Syria, found that her hard-earned qualifications were worthless in the UK. She spent an entire year searching for a job, but could only find part-time translation work. This wasn’t going to be enough for them to sustain themselves.

Halloumi cheese is a Syrian delicacy, and it occurred to Alsous that she could only get this cheese on a seasonal basis in the UK. Even then, the quality was nowhere near as good as what was made back home. It was at this point that she decided she was going to become a cheesemaker—even though she’d never made cheese in her life!

Halloumi cheese

After a year of toiling in the kitchen, Alsous found she was able to recreate the authentic taste of Syrian cheese, using locally-sourced Yorkshire milk. By this point she was sure that there was a gap in the market, and this lead her to a conversation with her local Jobcentre adviser, who pointed her in the direction of a government program that provides grants to new businesses.

Soon after purchasing the necessary equipment, Alsous gained a licence to produce and sell cheese in the UK. She was up and running almost instantly, selling the cheese at local markets, and now works with four national distributors.

Alsous battled against all odds to become a successful entrepreneur in a foreign country, and has rightly received recognition from such big names as Princess Anne. She was also nominated as an ambassador for International Women’s Day 2015, and her cheese even won gold at the World Cheese Awards in 2015—inspirational real life stories don’t come much better than this!

Well, if that hasn’t cheered you up then we don’t know what will—those 5 inspirational real life stories should put a smile on even the most miserable face! Now it might be time to get back to doing what we all love—playing bingo. Don’t forget to check back for bingo news and reviews every week!

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