Actors Who Would Make Good Chat Moderators

Regular players know that one of the best parts of online bingo is the chat rooms. It’s where you go to catch-up with the community, compete in a variety of games and immerse yourself in all things bingo! You’ll also know that a great chat room is nothing without a great chat moderator. These friendly folk act as our bingo gurus: on hand to provide advice, set exciting competitions and create a lot of laughs.

The importance of this role got the guys over here at BingoPort thinking, which of our favourite actors would make great CMs? After all, it’s really not that much of a leap—it’s all the entertainment business!

So! Open your mind, indulge our fantasies a little and imagine logging into your favourite bingo room and being greeted by:


Will Smith

With a reputation as one of the friendliest actors in Hollywood, the Fresh Prince would make newbies feel welcome and regular roomies feel like one big family. Plus, if you’ve seen him in interviews, it’s pretty obvious that conversations would be hilarious and never-ending (in the best possible way, of course).

Mr Smith has all the core qualities a CM needs, plus bags of charisma. We have no doubt he would ace his CM interview and build up a loyal following in no time. Count us in!

Jennifer Lawrence



Funny, talented, loves her tipple—seriously, what’s not to like about Jennifer Lawrence?! Tell us you haven’t dreamt of being best friends with JLaw at least once. Thought so.

Her chat rooms would be overflowing with hilarious conversations, cheeky repartee and a healthy dose of self-deprecation.  

The only issue with the A-List star making a career move to chat moderating is that it would probably jeopardise your relationships outside the bingo community. Yep, we're pretty sure your mates would soon get sick of hearing, “Can’t make it tonight guys, I have a bingo date with Jen.”

Buuut it’d be totally worth it. Sorry, non-Oscar-winning friends!



Kevin Bacon





We’ve all heard the 6 Degrees of Separation theory and its pop culture links to Kevin Bacon. For those of you in the dark, it basically proposes that it only ever takes a chain of 5 people (e.g. friends of friends) before someone has some kind of relationship to Mr Bacon.

Now, consider the fact that even without Kev’s influence, bingo chat rooms have the power to bring together long-lost sisters—just imagine the emotional reunions his presence as moderator could produce.

Time to play family detective as well as a few rounds of bingo!





Oprah Winfrey

A massive perk of frequenting chat rooms is the opportunity to win prizes. The best moderators know how to keep their roomies happy and this often involves dishing out gifts. Now, who’s more generous than queen of daytime TV (and accomplished actress) Oprah?

All together now: “You get some points! And YOU get some points! YOU’RE. ALL. GETTING. POINTS!!!” *collective cheers*  

Add to this her credentials as an expert agony aunt and you have a near-perfect CM.

Roomies would return to their regular lives with heaps of prizes and a wealth of useful advice.


Julie Walters




Julie Walters is like the aunt/sister/fairy godmother we never had. Full of interesting anecdotes and northern charm, we reckon she’d be able to cheer anyone up after a long day.

Sometimes that's the best reason to head to the chatrooms. Sure, we all love the bingo and the extra games and prizes on offer, but often it's the community that keeps us coming back for more. With Walters at the helm, you'd end up being a loyal member of a bingo crew you'd never want to say bye to!

Yep, we’d run home from work if we knew Jules was moderating the chat.





Robert DeNiro




Now, hear us out with this one. He may not come across as the most welcoming or friendly of moderators; you might even be a little intimidated to enter his room. But sadly, while chat rooms are mostly fun-filled happy zones, like everything in life, there’s a few bad eggs that can ruin the atmosphere.

With DeNiro in charge, disputes would be kept to a minimum.

He’d be able to stop any riffraff in its tracks:    

“You talkin’ to me??”

“Err, no, sorry. I-I’ll be leaving now.”

Crisis averted!



Rebel Wilson




A nice antidote to DeNiro’s chat room, this hilarious Aussie would provide some light relief. She’s funny, brash, full of energy and just the right amount of inappropriate.

Not to mention, with all of those Pitch Perfect films under her belt, we're sure Rebel could serenade you through the wins and losses. In need of a power ballad, rock anthem or cheesy pop number? She's done it all!

At the end of the day, though, the best thing to do in chat rooms is laugh. Trust us, with Rebel in charge you’d be spitting out your tea. Our advice: protect your keyboard and strap yourself in for a fun ride!







Ryan Gosling

Just because. Come on, do we need a reason? Granted, we wouldn’t be able to see him. But it would only take a rogue heart emoji sent our way for us to be swooning at our screens.


Maybe these matches are destined to remain in our dreams but, when you think about it, the bingo world actually has a lot to offer actors:

Chat moderating work is flexible, so they could fit it around their hectic filming schedules. Plus, surfing BingoPort would be a great way to pass the long hours spent in the trailer between scenes.

We all know actors are partial to having their egos stroked and, lucky for them, BingoPort hosts its very own awards ceremonies. Who knows? Emmys and Oscars may have to make room on the shelf for a ‘Best Chat Moderator 2018’ trophy. If they’re lucky.

It’s not just moderators who have big personalities, CMs find themselves conversing with a range of fascinating characters. 'Jenny from Scunthorpe' could end up providing the inspiration for their next big role!

If you discover you’re 6 degrees away from a famous actor, link them this article to start the ball rolling! For now, though, we’ll just have to imagine.

Of course, when our rooms do gain a bit of star power, the first place you’ll find out is on BingoPort News. In the meantime, let us know in the comments which actor you’d love to see filling in for your favourite CM. As always, happy bingo-ing!


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