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BingoPort: The Leeds Meet

Image of BingoPort Leeds meet up group shot

Setting the Scene

When a small village in the North of England awoke the morning of the BingoPort meet, they no doubt thought that it would be another nice, quiet day. How wrong they were

Without warning, the BingoPort tribe arrived – and the countryside peace was shattered. Players from far and wide had travelled to attend, armed with gifts and goodies for their fellow online roomies. One thing's for sure, these players were definitely bingo veterans - they've been friends with each other for years, and have gone through the many stages of bingo together! There were screams and hugs for old friends; cries of ‘Oh my goodness, you don’t look 70!’ for new ones, and the sense of a true family get-together for all. 

image of BingoPort leeds meet up of two women         image BingoPort leeds meet up of a group table shot

Prizes, Hysterics, and the Wild West

Once everyone had settled down (a bit), there was bingo to be played, and prizes to be won. The caller was Geordie, and the assistant broad Yorkshire, so it remains a mystery how anybody could work out whether or not they’d won – less wonder why roomies left, right and centre were rolling around with laughter! – but work it out they did. 2 tablets, a coffee machine and an iron were all duly claimed, along with a selection of other fantastic prizes!

image of BingoPort leeds meet up of a prize winner         image of BingoPort leeds meet up of two prize winners

Then there was the game of team bingo – the cowboys, armed with water pistols, took on Indians. They were adorned in feather headdresses (a big thank you to Chris for those!), and were both stylish and at the mercy of the other team’s weapons.

Water, Water Everywhere!

So there the tribe was. Drenched (some more than others), but in very good spirits. And then, right on cue, came the BingoPort T-Shirts.

Image of BingoPort leeds meet up group of three        BingoPort leeds meet up image of two women and one man

There was one for everyone – although it took more than a little help to get some people into theirs – and out again – including an emergency trip to the toilets to remove ‘chicken fillets’! The general consensus was that next time, BingoPort, could they be just a little bigger? Speaking of bigger, the turnout this year was definitely bigger than the German Market meet up last year - let's keep it up!

And with the mention of chicken… the day can hardly be described without talking about the food. For it was out of this world – the lamb and beef buns, dripping with gravy, in particular. So a big thank you goes out to all the helpers, who need to know that their hard work was absolutely worth it!

BingoPort leeds meet up image of food

And, last but not least, as ever, a giant thank you to BingoPort, for making the get-together possible, as well as to all of you who those who managed to make it—we look forward to seeing you next time! But for those of you who didn't make it, BingoPort has an infographic showing you who your fellow bingo players are, without you having to wait until the next meet up!

You can find more pictures at BingoPort's Flickr album.

Were you at the Leeds Meet Up? Let us know what your favourite part was.


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