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Bonfire Bingo


Remember, remember….

It’s bonfire night soon (as though you need reminding!) and whether you’re planning on heading to a local firework display, or watching the proceedings from the comfort of your bedroom window, there’s plenty of bingo fun to be had.

So, wrap up warm, stay safe, and see which boxes on our bonfire night bingo card you can cross off!


Bonfire Night Bingo!!

Bonfire takes forever to light because it’s raining. Surprise surprise.  

Drop your glove in the mud. Regret not staying home and not watching out of the window.

Someone forgets the sparklers. Again.

There’s a general murmur about the possibility of hedgehogs under the bonfire. Nobody’s checked.

Painfully long gap between the first and second set of fireworks, in which everyone wonders ‘Is that it?’

You go through the whole evening failing to think about the events that led to the whole bonfire night tradition.

You realise the cold air has frozen the smile to your face, and it will be a long time before you regain feeling in your cheeks or jaw.

Gasps as a rogue firework shoots towards the crowd.


See someone falling over, as the ground turns into a squelchy mess. Hope that you’re not next.


Parent loses child and panics. You hear them calling their child’s name for circa 5 minutes, until realising the child has been right under their nose all along.

‘Oooooh! Aaaaahh!’


You eat: burger / toffee apple / jacket potato. And realise that it’s difficult to eat in the dark. Promise yourself this is the last year you’ll do so. You said the same last year.


Use the opportunity to dress up in every winter piece of clothing that you own. Regret it when you stand too near the fire and start dripping with sweat.


You decide to roast marshmallows because… well, tradition. But you munch away on the ‘raw’ sweets anyway, because they taste so much better.

Parent is attempting to wrestle gloves onto a small child. Small child screams with delight (or rather, unjustifiable anger).


Attempting to meet friends at a public bonfire goes impossibly wrong. You both agree to find each other when it’s all over.


How did you do? Let us know in the comments below.


Want more bonfire bingo fun? The Telegraph produced an extensive bonfire bingo list right here.



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