Cute Kitties For Every Bingo Mood


Bingo sessions can fill you with excitement, nerves and even moments of dread...

But there’s no better way to spend an evening in! And, always remember, you’re not alone: these cute kitties know exactly what you’re going through.


You’ve been playing a while. It’s not been a very successful night.

Photo of a cat looking sad


You’re tired. But unwilling to go to bed just yet.

Photo of a cat asleep on a laptop


And anyway, this time you’ve got that winning feeling. You’re ready. And you’re unbeatable.

Image of a cat dressed up for a party


You’re 100% engrossed.

Kitten on a laptop


Trying to (manually) keep up with the caller.

Photo of a kitten standing on a keyboard


When, suddenly, you find yourself at 1TG – and it’s all so tense!

Photo of a wide eyed cat


So you cover your eyes...

Cat covering its eyes


And even your screen...

Cat paying at a laptop screen

Then wait, in hope (and anticipation and fear)...

Photo of a cat looking anxious by a window


Until the next number is revealed, and all your (modest) bingo dreams come true!

Cat looking shocked


At which point you feel both tremendously excited...

Photo of a kitten looking excited


… And purrrfectly smug. Your work here is done.

Photo of a cat sitting on a laptop



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