Cute Kitties For Every Bingo Mood

Article published on November 24, 2016 01:01pm


Bingo sessions can fill you with excitement, nerves and even moments of dread...

But there’s no better way to spend an evening in! And, always remember, you’re not alone: these cute kitties know exactly what you’re going through.


You’ve been playing a while. It’s not been a very successful night.

Photo of a cat looking sad


You’re tired. But unwilling to go to bed just yet.

Photo of a cat asleep on a laptop


And anyway, this time you’ve got that winning feeling. You’re ready. And you’re unbeatable.

Image of a cat dressed up for a party


You’re 100% engrossed.

Kitten on a laptop


Trying to (manually) keep up with the caller.

Photo of a kitten standing on a keyboard


When, suddenly, you find yourself at 1TG – and it’s all so tense!

Photo of a wide eyed cat


So you cover your eyes...

Cat covering its eyes


And even your screen...

Cat paying at a laptop screen

Then wait, in hope (and anticipation and fear)...

Photo of a cat looking anxious by a window


Until the next number is revealed, and all your (modest) bingo dreams come true!

Cat looking shocked


At which point you feel both tremendously excited...

Photo of a kitten looking excited


… And purrrfectly smug. Your work here is done.

Photo of a cat sitting on a laptop



Can’t get enough of cute animals? Check out man’s best friend – these dogs are almost better than bingo!



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