4 Fun Bingo Ideas for TV Shows

Research shows that one of the top reasons why we play online bingo is because it’s just so much fun.

And because we love to enjoy ourselves, and because we believe in making good things even better, we thought about how—if our favourite game was incorporated into other aspects of our daily lives— we could come up with a way to have the most bingo fun anybody has ever had. Ever.

When we discovered that, of our fellow online bingo players, 55% watch television as they play, the idea came to us in a flash. Could merging 2 of our favourite pastimes create the ultimate bingo experience?



Watching people play bingo… Okay, hear us out.

After all, when Gogglebox was first broadcast, watching people watch TV seemed a bit of a strange (not to mention creepy) idea. Now it’s one of the nation’s favourite shows.


People sitting on a sofa watching TV


At the moment, when you’d love to go out to the bingo hall, but the weather’s too miserable and your PJs are too comfy, there’s always online bingo. And that’s great. It’s better than great: it’s the time of day many of us live for.

But what about the occasions you can’t even be bothered with that? Sometimes we just want to relax, without the pressure of winning or losing. Sometimes we want to feel part of the bingo community without feeling the need to spend money.

Bingo players can be real characters (we should know!) and this would be prime opportunity to observe them at play: their thoughts, tactics and reactions, unfiltered by your computer screen.

Do you really know your fellow bingo players? You’d soon find out.


Deal or No Deal Bingo


Deal or no deal red box


This game show has already spawned one of the most popular slot games around, as well as its very own Deal or No Deal Bingo site.

The rules to the game can be easily transferred to its TV namesake. Instead of choosing the order of the boxes to be opened, this multiplayer version would see contestants at the mercy of the bingo balls. Any player who manages a Full House would be offered a deal by the banker. Tension, drama, upset and elation- this show would have them in spades.


First (Bingo) Dates


Hearts with an arrow through them


Playing bingo for fun can tell you a great deal about your opponents. How they pick their bingo cards, what risks they’re willing to take, whether they can handle the occasional loss… the list goes on.

That’s why adding bingo into the traditional First Dates format would make such compulsive viewing. It would also give presenter Fred a chance to fulfil his bingo caller calling. Bonus.

Bingo SOS

For those down on their luck, DIY home improvements often end in tears of gratitude. But new wallpaper will only get you so far. For an equally soppy ending, you only have to go as far as the chat rooms on BingoPort to find people willing to go to the ends of the Earth for each other. There’s no better feeling than that of a community rallying around you. A strong sense of belonging is what draws many of us to bingo sites in the first place, particularly those like Sun Bingo, which recently won the vote for Best Bingo Community in the 2017 BingoPort Players’ Choice Awards.


Best Bingo Community trophy for Sun Bingo


Maybe in the future, Nick Knowles and the team could simply hand over a new laptop, have their subject take a fun personality quiz to find out which bingo site would suit them best, and leave the newbie to it. Happy ending guaranteed.

Well, there you have it. Take the TV programmes you love the most, add a few fun bingo ideas and voila: the perfect evening awaits.

What other fun bingo ideas would you like to see on your screens? Let us know in the comments below.


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