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Get to know them: CM Chris1949 (AKA CM BingoPort2)

Imagine life without your trusty CMs.

No one person who you could always count on to welcome you. Nobody to initiate chat games. If you had a query, you wouldn’t be sure who to ask (especially unsettling for newbies, who may have lots of questions and few acquaintances). Mayhem. Uncertainty.

It doesn’t really bear thinking about, does it?

That was the situation faced by several players on site just last year. With no regular Host in one of the rooms, BingoPort were on the lookout for a new CM.

Chris1949 was one of the regulars in that particular bingo room. She'd been playing on BingoPort for about 8 years, and had come across the site when she was at a loose end one day. "I decided to see if there was a free bingo site online", she told me. "Bingoport came up, so I clicked on it, signed up, and was soon addicted!" 

Chris1949 sitting at a table

Her work schedule initially meant she could only play for a few hours each week, but Chris1949 so enjoyed the friendly company—and found that playing here "just felt good"—that she never looked back. 

A BingoPort player, through and through. So, when she learnt of the site's need for a new chat host, it was Chris1949 who came to the rescue.

"I thought I'd give it a go."

It all sounds a bit of a whirlwind when she describes it. Thinking she’d take up the challenge, Chris1949 spoke to one CM, who got her in touch with Head Girl Kaz (who helps to who organise all the fun at events like the BingoPort Leeds Meet). A few days later it was sorted—Chris1949 was part of the chat moderator gang!

Of course, she wasn’t dropped straight into the deep end. For several sessions, the new chat host was joined by another, more experienced CM, who showed her the ropes and trained her up. But it wasn’t long before Chris1949—now known as CM BingoPort-2—was ready to go it alone.

Player veteran to CM newbie, practically overnight!

It sounds daunting, but Chris1949 took the whole situation in her stride: “I must admit, it was a lot easier than I thought it would be.” Her positive, can-do attitude certainly helped her get the hang of things, and she continues to be grateful for the level of support offered by others in the role.

“One of them will always offer advice if needed”Chat Moderator Chris

Less than a year into the job, CM BingoPort-2 is a familiar, friendly name around site. She already knew a good number of the regulars from her time spent playing, but now she gets more of a bird’s eye perspective. "The [most] fun part… for me is the different characters you come across, and the friendships you see forming between players."

What does she think makes her such a successful chat moderator? BingoPort-2 credits the long period of time she spent as a regular player. She fully understands what it is to be a roomie, and knows how important the chat rooms are for those looking for company, comfort and advice .

It certainly sounds like she's made an impression on the role. That the role has also made an impression on her shows it was clearly meant to be.


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