Get to know them: CM Teardrop3490


Teardrop3490 became a CM almost by accident.

She’d seen a post on ‘Nutters’ (a Facebook group for BingoPort members) advertising the role, and joked to a CM that she was thinking of applying. To her surprise, she was encouraged to go for it. The rest is history.

This was about 2 years ago – and since then, Teardrop says, her life has never been the same. Having played on BingoPort for many years, she wasn’t sure whether becoming a moderator would spoil her experience of the site. ‘However’, she told me, ‘it's actually so much better!’

‘There’s a buzz in the rooms when there's points or prizes up for grabs.’

Button’s Den is Teardrop’s favourite room. She thrives on the busyness and the prizes are particularly great: ‘As much as it's a free site, people still love to win.’ She has always played in the room – even before becoming CM – so it holds a special place in her heart. ‘I made a lot of friends on chat’, she says, and found this was key to making the game so enjoyable.

CM Teardrop posing with a friend

Regular Routine

We all prepare for a night of bingo in our own way. Teardrop is no exception: she tends to eat and make herself a cup of tea, before settling down in front of the screen. Then, as soon as a player enters the room, she’s off – greeting them and wishing them well. What’s particularly nice is that ‘normally all of the players do [the same]’. It sounds like one big, happy family. This friendly atmosphere has been a common theme between all of the answers we’ve received so far. The CMs we’ve interviewed have all commented on it – and it’s down to you, the players, that such a positive, uplifting time is had by all.

‘If anyone is feeling down or having any problems, we all try and help them through it.’

So, are there any things she struggles with? Bingo lingo perhaps? Teardrop says that this is just something she’s picked up over time. But, even now, there are occasions, when ‘I have no idea what they [the words] mean!’ She’s lucky, though (a great attribute for a bingo player!): ‘I have younger children.... they try to keep me up to date!’


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