New Year Bingo Card

Whether you’re out partying or snuggled in bed, we have the New Year experience down to a tee.

Midnight on the 1st January... it’s a time of joy and new beginnings. Despite that, it’s usually also one of the most predictable times of the year. So, why not spice up the start of the new year with a spot of New Year Bingo?


New Year's Eve Bingo Card

Decide to sing Auld Lang Syne. Nobody knows the lyrics. There’s an awful lot of humming going on.


Countdown to midnight. The local fireworks aren’t as excited as you, and it’s about 00:03 before any of them decide to go off.

Attempt to send ‘Happy New Year’ texts at midnight on the dot. All messages fail because everyone is trying to do the same thing. Wake me up for midnight,’ he said. You could easily forget.

New Year’s Eve charades. It is, after all, a classic.

Stay in and watch the BBC’s coverage of the London countdown. Wish you were there. But also feel smug that you’re warm at home instead.

You make a toast to 2017 and beyond. The room/pub is packed, so you become either a ‘spiller’ (one who spills) or a ‘spillee’ (one who is spilt upon). Hugs all round. Suddenly you’re faced with a stranger. To hug, or not to hug… that is the question.

Massive anticlimax after the fireworks. What do you do now? Home and bed is always an option.

Try your best to remain awake and see the New Year in. The next thing you know, it’s January, and everyone’s got the post-Christmas blues.

Realise you haven’t thought of any New Year Resolutions yet. You’ve failed already. May as well give up on the whole idea now. Head to your local public square to watch a few, rather shabby fireworks. Vow to yourself you’ll be somewhere more exciting for NY next year. (You won’t be.)

Host a NY party, with plenty of games and chat. You’re having so much fun that you all miss midnight by accident. Oh well, it’s not like you’ve been waiting all year for this...

As the celebrations come to an end, there’s always one killjoy. ‘Now I guess it’s time to take the Christmas decorations down.’

You’re getting too old for this malarky. It is, after all, just another night.

Reminisce and marvel at the speed of last year. Each year seems to go by quicker. 


How are your New Year Resolutions coming along? We have some ideas just for you!

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