The search continues for BingoPort's reunited sisters

The last few weeks have certainly been a whirlwind for Elaine Walker and Jackie Green – two long-lost sisters who were finally reunited through their love of bingo. Yet their journey is far from over, since both are determined to make contact with another adoptive sister of theirs with whom they were separated at birth.

Speaking of the experience as whole, Elaine describes it as ‘amazing…but exhausting’. Her mind was ‘in a whirl’ after reuniting with her sister Jackie through Bingoport and the national interest that followed. ‘I had to get our get our concierge serve to stop people coming up to my flat – journalists and agents,’ Elaine writes. ‘My phone didn’t stop all the way to London.’

Jackie and Elaine have indeed been in high demand ever since their discovery hit headlines. The sisters began with an appearance on GMTV, then headed over to BBC for Five Live, before accepting a request to appear on Victoria Derbyshire. But it didn’t stop there! After leaving the BBC building in London, ITV News were waiting outside for Elaine and Jackie, beginning a 3-hour a stint of recording and photos from 7pm-10pm. Tired yet still elated, Elaine caught the last train home, and on this same journey she was asked for a selfie by one of the train staff. He wanted to show his wife back home – she had seen the two sisters on TV that morning and was brought to tears by their heart-warming story!

Things have calmed a little now, however, and Elaine is more determined than ever to get in touch her other long-lost sister – Wendy – in the wake of the aftermath. Wendy was adopted in Bath but, sadly, her records were destroyed in a fire, making it particularly hard to trace her. ‘I’ve tried to use the power of Facebook,’ she writes, ‘getting all my friends to share the articles, especially those which mentioned our other sister in some way.’

So far, Elaine’s search has been unfruitful – but things may change with the publication of an article in Take A Break. This will include information on Elaine’s adoption history and an appeal for Wendy to make herself known to the two sisters. ‘It’s been a long road but I’m still determined to complete the family,’ Elaine writes. Hopefully it’s just a matter of time before all three sisters finally meet as one.

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