The Top 10 Weirdest Bingo Sites!


There are over 300 bingo sites on the web, giving you tons of choice when it comes to finding the best bingo and slot games. With such a wide variety of sites available, though, every site has to find a way to get noticed.

For some sites, the key to standing out is choosing an original name—and when we say original, we mean it!

Check out our top 10 weird and funny bingo sites here:

1. Angry Bingo

Screenshot of Angry Bingo website

You’ll go mad for Angry Bingo, with its furiously fun games and raging rewards! Angry Bingo did much better than its predecessor, Slightly Miffed Slots.


2. Banjo Bingo


Screenshot of Banjo Bingo website

Let’s play some country and western jams on Banjo Bingo! You can find all your favourite bingo and slot games here. Pink jumpsuit not included.


3. Biscuit Bingo


Screenshot of Biscuit Bingo website

Now, this site really takes the biscuit. If you like your bingo and slots a little bit ‘cookie’, the sweet treat-themed games at Biscuit Bingo might just take your fancy.


4. Brown Cow Bingo


Screenshot from Brown Cow Bingo website

How now brown cow? You’ll have to go to Brown Cow Bingo to find out! Brown Cow Bingo is a farm animal-themed website and moooo-bile app for bingo and slots.


5. Gravy Train Bingo


Screenshot of Gravy Train Bingo website

All aboard the gravy train for big bingo prizes! Gravy Train Bingo is the place to be for bingo, slots and more on desktop and mobile.


6. Lucky Pants Bingo


Screenshot of Lucky Pants Bingo website

Don’t forget to don your lucky pants before entering this site! Let Lucky Pants Bingo mascots Betty Balls and Luke Pants give you the grand tour, and don’t forget to check out their great promos.


7. Lucky Socks Bingo


Screenshot from Lucky Socks Bingo website

If lucky pants weren’t enough, you’ve got to get your lucky socks out too. Luckily enough, when you spend £10 on Lucky Socks Bingo you get your very own lucky socks to wear!


8. Scary Bingo


Screenshot from Scary Bingo website

It’s time to get spooky with some Scary Bingo! No tricks, just plenty of treats with Scary Bingo’s bingo and slot games.


9. Shampoo Bingo


Screenshot from Shampoo Bingo website

All the glamorous fun and gossip of the salon can be found at Shampoo Bingo. Plus, nobody will care if you’re having a bad hair day!


10. Vampire Bingo


Screenshot of Vampire Bingo website banner

What can we say — we’re suckers for spooky themed bingo sites! Vampire Bingo games are best played with some garlic and holy water at your side, just in case.


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