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Top 10 Animal Videos To Cure Your January Blues!

January has been a turbulent month full of resolutions and the dread of getting back into a work routine.

It was certainly a challenge for most of us going back to work after Christmas! In fact, we think we’re suffering from a case of the January Blues (not to be mistaken with the Bingo Blues). So to cheer ourselves up—and any of you out there who might also be suffering from the Blues—we thought we’d put together a list of 10 cute animal videos. That should sort out your glum mood in no time (or lead to severe procrastination during work)!

1.  Snoozing Boxer

Sometimes we can’t help but want to go to sleep—whether it’s on the commute to work, at work itself, or at home when we’re tucked up on the couch watching EastEnders (we’re still not over the recent sister tragedy by the way). And that’s certainly something this poor boxer had to deal with—watch as he tries desperately to stay awake and enjoy a movie with his owner...


2. Cats Sleeping in Weird Positions

If you didn’t laugh at the above video, maybe we’ll get a chuckle or two out of you with this compilation of cats sleeping in weird positions!


3. A Dog’s Determination

Have you ever been determined to do something even though you know you might fail? This bulldog certainly was—not being deterred by small boxes, this dog was desperate to fit in no matter how tight the squeeze. We certainly appreciate his determination. If only we could be so determined with our tight deadlines...


4. Maru and Small Boxes

If you’re more of a feline fan, you’ll love to watch Maru the cat and his determination to fit into tiny boxes. We certainly admire his tenacity!


5. Kitty Supermarket

Have you ever wondered what a supermarket for cats would look like? Now you don’t have to. Netto produced an advert featuring a cat-friendly supermarket. You might find it a little familiar—with inspiration from viral sensations like No No No Cat and Cat Pushes Trolley.  


6. Boxer Madness

You know that feeling you get when you’ve drunk too much coffee at work? Or when you’ve consumed far too much sugar in a day? That’s nothing compared to this mad boxer and his obsession with a very dangerous piece of wood!


7. Hamsters and Friends

Do you sometimes watch TV and think it would be so much better with animals instead of humans? Well now you don’t have to wonder what it would look like—check out this remake of hit TV show Friends with a bunch of hamsters instead.


8. Corgi on a Carousel

This January it feels like we have absolutely no energy left. Sometimes it’s an effort to just wake up. That’s certainly not something this excitable Corgi has to worry about—just look at that energy—it makes us want to curl up on our couch and eat coffee kisses instead.


9. Panda in Need of a Hug

Are you desperate for a nice hug? Do you crave a bit of affection and love? Unfortunately, the BingoPort team can’t hug you through your phone or PC—but maybe you could just settle for this adorable video of a panda asking for a hug instead.


10. Kittens Meeting Dogs

If you’re still not entirely cured of your January Blues, then take a look at this compilation of adorable kittens meeting dogs for the first time. If you don’t squeal or sigh in excitement, your heart must severely need defrosting…


Interested in more animal-related cuteness? Check out Cute Christmas Critters or 10 Times Dogs Were (Almost) Better Than Bingo.

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