Top 10 Moments Every Bingo Player Looks Forward To


Life is full of ups and downs—and that’s certainly the case in the life of a bingo player. We know all too well how quickly a player’s luck can change—sometimes for the best, and sometimes for the worst.

We’ve already looked at the top ten moments every bingo player dreads—and with how miserable 2016 is shaping up to be, we thought we’d dwell on the good moments. So, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten moments every bingo player looks forward to. Prepare to smile, nod in agreement, and sigh with envy...


1. Two words: Full House. What more do we have to say? When you’ve won it’s like all of your wildest dreams have finally come true. The world has stopped turning and time has stood still.
Okay, so it was only £10—but it’s your £10, and you couldn’t be happier.

Woman saying 'this is the best'

2. When you’ve finally moved up to the highest level of VIP status available. Back off losers—the Bingo Champ is here!

Man giving a toast

3. When you finally find a bingo site that offers a welcome bonus without wagering requirements! We know...shocker, right? Do they even exist?

Woman crying with caption 'i'm just so happy'

4. When your friends and fellow roomies finally agree to come to one of the bingo nights you’re hosting. They have no idea what’s in store for them!

gif of an excited woman

5. When you’ve finally taken that last step to becoming a bingo veteran. Yes, you’ve been through every up and down there is in bingo—and you’ve survived—and you’re now one of the greats. Maybe you should get a t-shirt printed or something…

Man saying 'now i'm awesome'

6. When you find a bingo site that offers every single variant of bingo possible—even 30-ball! Plus, they even have the legendary free bingo (that you sometimes hear about, but never see)!

Woman saying 'oh my god'

7. When you’ve finally brainwashed your last stubborn friend, and now they’re even more bingo obsessed than you—hey, what are friends for? We’re not even going to mention how long you two stay on the chatrooms for!

Girl saying 'i'm such a good friend'

8. When you’ve stacked up enough loyalty points to get a bingo bonus or an exclusive reward! And the best part is, you get to splurge the rest of your bingo budget for the rest of the week (even though we’re pretty sure that’s not how budgets are supposed to work).

man saying 'and that's how it's done'

9. When you realise you’ve got a Bank Holiday coming up. Which means bingo, bingo, bingo! Oh, and did we mention bingo?

Man saying 'the only thing that could make this better is ice cream'

10. When you finally beat your arch enemy, after losing to them week after week. Now you have full bragging rights! Plus, you get to stare at your name on the winners page—what a time to be alive!

Woman saying 'even you have to admit i'm awesome'


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