Top 10 Videos: Cute Christmas Critters!


There’s only one thing better than Christmas… and that’s adorable Christmas pets!

From animals celebrating the special day to humans getting a gift that will bring them years of companionship and joy, this playlist is sure to spread some good old-fashioned Yuletide cheer.


10. How To Wrap A Cat

This kitty gets a Christmas makeover, complete with wrapping paper and a bow. Maybe don’t try this one at home, as your cat may not be as chilled out about getting wrapped up like this!


9. Santa’s Elves

Ever wondered what dogs and cats get up to when their owners aren’t at home? Turns out it’s working in Santa’s workshop to make all the toys!


8. Cat vs. Tree

It’s actually pretty difficult to tell who ends up winning this one.


7. A Guinea Pig Christmas

Watch these guinea pigs have the perfect Christmas day, complete with salad tree!


6. Grandma Gets A Puppy

We love this video for her reaction of pure, unadulterated joy!


5. A Cat's Guide to Christmas!

Really cats just want to help out and spread some holiday cheer.


4. Dog on a Roomba

This Boston Terrier is no stranger to a roomba — in this video, his task of riding the miniature hoover is given a Yuletide twist!


3. Denver the Guilty Dog

Denver is always up to something… this time involving a certain Christmas decoration.


2. A Cute Christmas Compilation

If you haven’t had enough of tiny Christmas fuzzies yet, here’s a whole compilation featuring chinchillas, hamsters and more:


1. Buster the Boxer

And of course, we have this year’s John Lewis Christmas ad, featuring Buster the Boxer and his trampolining antics. An instant classic!

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