Which Bingo Site Suits Your Personality and Needs?


Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, you’ll know exactly how difficult it can be to find the perfect bingo site. You don’t need convincing of the benefits of bingo - you already know how brilliant it is. What you need is that one special site - the one that fits you like Cinderella’s slipper... 

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Well, have no fear. We've got a foolproof way to help you find a site that suits your personality and your needs. Pick the personality type that fits you, and discover your new favourite bingo site...

1. You’re all about the money, money, money - and living the high life

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Okay, so you love the big bucks. You’re no stranger to making it rain. You love being the guest of honour, complete with the full VIP treatment. If that’s the case, you should take a look at Foxy Bingo or Gala Bingo.

Gala Bingo loves to spoil its members:

  • Members have a chance to win a share of huge jackpots!
  • It keeps reeling in members with new and ultra-exclusive promotions every week.
  • It has a large community, including traditional bricks-and-mortar bingo clubs.
  • The Gala VIP scheme gives members a chance to move from Bronze to Platinum.

Foxy Bingo loves its members just as much:

  • Its exclusive VIP scheme caters to your every need.
  • Members are given a great welcome bonus on their first deposit!
  • It offers a tonne of promotions and huge jackpots.
  • It has a great community, and social media is just as important a part of the Foxy experience as the bingo itself.

Like the numerous celebs that endorse them, you’ll become a star, used to only the best treatment.

2. You want to have an insane amount of fun, and make a billion friends

gif of fresh meat 'ooh friends'

So you love to socialise. Winning money is a nice bonus, but not the main reason to play. For you, it’s all about making friends and spending the day chatting and playing bingo. Well, you should take a look at Mecca Bingo.

Mecca Bingo has a renowned community and the best type of atmosphere:

  • It offers one of the best welcome packages around.
  • With its popularity, you’re sure to make friends in no time at all.
  • It offers members a huge amount of promotions every month.
  • Its community is just as big as the site itself.

Mecca Bingo members get to build life-long friendships and become a part of its tight-knit community. So, by joining Mecca, you’ll get the chance to make a ton of friends, and win prizes and jackpots. It’s a win-win situation!

3. You live and breathe for challenges and setting personal records.

more challenges gif

So you’re that person who never wants to rest. The friend who’s constantly looking for a new record or challenge to smash. Normal online bingo is too easy. You want to really test your skills. Well, you should take a look at William Hill Bingo.

William Hill Bingo is sure to keep you on your toes:

  • It has one of the biggest selection of online bingo games that we’ve ever seen.
  • They have a competitive welcome offer
  • You can get rewarded for stepping up to the challenge with monthly prizes.
  • You’d probably be too busy setting jackpot records, but the community’s pretty great too.

If you’re not too busy annihilating every bingo game you come across, there’s a pretty decent community where you might make a few new friends.

4. So you’re pretty neutral, and you don’t really care either way.

apathetic and neutral gif

So you probably hate making decisions. Or you’re just really easygoing about everything. Either way, you’re looking for a neutral option. You don’t really mind about the community or how big the jackpot is, you just want to play bingo. So why not go for a household name and pick Sky Bingo?

It might not be the first one you think of, which is why it’s perfect for you. Maybe you don’t fancy the high maintenance sites like Foxy Bingo or Gala Bingo. Sky Bingo is a little more low key, but it still has reputation and presence.

  • Get a warm welcome with their welcome offer
  • It constantly updates its promotions
  • It has a good sense of community, with a hugely active Facebook page.
  • They’re well-established, and a pretty safe option for someone who’s not too fussed.

Sky Bingo keeps its layout simple, but it does have the odd left-hand navigation bar instead of the usual right-hand bar. But hey, you probably don’t care either way.

5. So you’re pretty crazy eccentric and you like living life on the edge.

Zoolander crazy pills gif

You’re that person that does things just because they can. You live for unpredictability and danger. So why not try a brand new bingo site? There are some gems out there in those uncharted waters, with new sites including our picks Ted Bingo and Pet Shop Bingo.

Despite being new, Pet Shop Bingo has much to offer:

  • Members have the chance to win a year’s supply of pet food!
  • Not a pet owner? Don’t worry - you can win a luxury hamper instead.
  • If you sign up and deposit you'll get a great first deposit bonus - one of their many fantastic promotions.
  • Its community is tight-knit, with a huge love for cute and cuddly pets.

Ted Bingo also has a lot to offer you crazy folk:

  • Members get a great welcome bonus!
  • It has a huge amount of promotions, like ‘Spin for a Win’.
  • It offers lucrative bonuses to its privileged VIP members.
  • There’s a wide variety of bingo games and online slots.

Personally, we’d pick Pet Shop Bingo. But definitely not because it has a bunch of pictures of cute animals.

Screenshot of pet shop bingo's pets

There’s just no telling what might happen if you join one of these two sites.


So What’s Next?

No matter which personality type you have, or which site you choose, BingoPort is there to help you every step of the way. clipart image of a red question markOur site reviews can help you make sense of the hundreds of bingo sites out there, so even if you’re not impressed by our picks, there's bound to be a site out there for you.

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