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School's Out Bundle

Bingoport's own version of Supermarket Sweep!


We all hate the mundane job of the weekly shop, but have no fear you won't be fiddling around for change or trying to open plastic bags whilst the cashier shoots your newly bought food at you!

The CM will ask you for the price of 3 items that they've got in their shopping trolley. So for example; 6 medium eggs, 1 box of rice crispies and a loaf of bread.  Answer £4.59

The player who correctly guesses the right amount will win, and will receive a trolley token and 500 play points, the player with the most trolley tokens at the end of the hour will get 5000 port points.

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Terms and Conditions

  1. (You must be playing at least 12 tickets to enter). When giving amounts please state they are for cg or they may be missed.
  2. Your participation in The Promotion is deemed to constitute your agreement that may use your name, likeness or image for promotional purposes on its website or elsewhere without the requirement for any payment and you expressly waive any claims against in this regard should you win the Prizes.

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