Holiday Showdown Chat Game

Sunbeam Sixes

Bucket and Spade at the ready


The CM will split the room into two teams.

Team 1 - Sandcastles

Team 2 - Swimming hats

Team 1 will be allocated even numbers, Team 2 odd numbers.

If you bingo on your team numbers your team wins a Sun Hat.  If you bingo on the opposing teams numbers you move to their team and they get the Sun Hat. The winner of each bingo also receives 500 play points and at the end of the 2 hours the team with the most Sun Hats shares the points. 1 Sun Hat equals 2,000 play points. So 20 Sun Hats would be 40,000 play points shared equally between all team members. Players must enter the bingo room within the first 30 minutes to be added to a team.

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Terms and Conditions

  1. (You must be playing at least 12 tickets to enter). When giving amounts please state they are for cg or they may be missed.
  2. Your participation in The Promotion is deemed to constitute your agreement that may use your name, likeness or image for promotional purposes on its website or elsewhere without the requirement for any payment and you expressly waive any claims against in this regard should you win the Prizes.

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