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Sunbeam Sixes

Hold on to that last bit of Summer!


Each time you bingo whilst playing Sunbeam Sixes, you'll get 6 chances to collect sunbeams. If none of the first 6 balls in the following game end in a 6, then you'll win 600 playpoints and 6 sunbeams.  If any of the first 6 numbers end in a 6 you'll only receive the 600 playpoints. The player who is holding the most sunbeams at the end of the hour or 2 hours gets 6,000 portpoints.

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Terms and Conditions

  1. (You must be playing at least 12 tickets to enter).
  2. Your participation in The Promotion is deemed to constitute your agreement that may use your name, likeness or image for promotional purposes on its website or elsewhere without the requirement for any payment and you expressly waive any claims against in this regard should you win the Prizes.

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