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Improve Your Email Deliverability

Did you know that you could be missing out on great bingo bonuses, slot offers, Free PortPoints and great competitions?!

  We send out our offers via email. Email can be unreliable, even though you know us, or are a member and want to receive our email, it can still end up in the SPAM or JUNK folder. You never get to read any of these emails when they end up in one of these folders. Email clients like Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Windows Live/Hotmail etc. all have filters that look for certain words, words that bingo and slot players like yourself don’t consider spam, words like; FREE MONEY, FREE BONUSSES, FREE PLAY, BINGO etc.

You can do something about it!

It is quite simple really to avoid missing out on our emails. All you need to do is add us to your contact list and/or to the safe senders list. To access instructions on how to do this, just click one of the following links. I’m using:

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