Creating contacts in Gmail

First make sure you are logged in to your Gmail account. Follow these instructions for both email addresses and
  • Click Contacts along the left side of any page.
  • Click the New Contact button in the top-left corner of the Contact Manager.
  • Enter your contact's information in the appropriate fields.  Any information you add will save automatically. a. Clicking Group at the top of the contact detail box allows you to add the contact to multiple GROUPS. Groups such as FRIENDS & FAMILY are standard, but you may create and name groups as needed.) b. Use drop-down menus to add additional email addresses, telephone numbers, and so on, to have home and work details available for a single contact.
You can enter additional contact info such as Nickname, Title, Relationship (not displayed by default) by clicking the Add drop-down menu. Enter your contact's information in the appropriate fields. Email addresses are automatically added to your Contacts list each time you use the Reply, Reply to all, or Forward functions to send messages to addresses not previously stored in your Contacts list. You may edit these automatically added contacts to complete the information. If these addresses don't appear immediately, try waiting a few minutes or signing out of your account and signing back in. Also, each time you mark a message as 'Not Spam,' your Contacts list is automatically updated so that future messages from that sender are received in your inbox. Note: These instructions work only with the newer version of Gmail. If they don't match what you see in your Contact Manager, we suggest that you upgrade to a fully supported browser or click Newer version in your account. Back to Improve Your Email Deliverability