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A to Z List of Bingo Sites

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Can you win money on online bingo?

There are plenty of opportunities to win at online bingo – and if luck is on your side, you could win big. Just how much depends on the type of game you’re playing:

  • Fixed jackpot – the winner takes home a set amount of prize money, which is decided before the game starts. 
  • Progressive jackpot – the prize pot keeps on growing as more people join the game. This is a jackpot without limits, often soaring into the high thousands.

Is bingo all luck?

A huge part of bingo is luck, yes, but there’s skill involved too. As the caller rattles through the numbers, you need to keep up with your dabbing and make sure you don’t miss any numbers on your card.

Many online bingo sites give you the option to turn on ‘auto-daub’, which marks your numbers for you. Then it really is a matter of luck, leaving you free to put your feet up and enjoy the thrill of the game.

How many numbers do you need for bingo?

That depends which game of bingo you’re playing. From 30-ball speed bingo to traditional 90-ball, here are all the details:

  • 30-ball bingo – this pint-sized 3x3 bingo card has nine numbers. To win the jackpot you need to mark them all.
  • 75-ball bingo – your bingo card has 25 squares and 25 numbers, sometimes with a free space in the centre, which means you have 24 to go.
  • 80-ball bingo – on each 4x4 square card, you have 16 numbers between you and winning the jackpot. 
  • 90-ball bingo – each strip is three lines deep, with five numbers and four free spaces per row. For a full house, you need to daub 15 numbers in total.

Each of these bingo games will usually have numerous rounds, giving you several chances to bag a prize. The traditional format is line, multi-line and jackpot – but you’ll find lots of additional challenges online, like corners and shapes.

What does the free space in bingo mean?

A free space is a white square on your bingo card. This counts as a pre-filled space, like a number that has already been called, and gives you a head start towards winning those prizes.

How do you win the jackpot at bingo?

To win the jackpot, you need to mark off all the numbers on your bingo card and get a ‘full house’. In this game of random numbers and Lady Luck, there are no guarantees - but here are some tips to increase your chances:

  • More cards – in this game of random numbers, more bingo cards increase your odds. Make sure you can keep up with the caller though.
  • Varied numbers – if you have the option to choose your card, some players say a wide variety of numbers is the way to go. 
  • Smaller games. Fewer competitors mean greater chances, so jump into games on quiet midweek mornings to bag some prizes.

What is a bingo bonus?

This when a bingo site gifts you some extra money to play with. Some companies use bonuses to attract new customers, while others use them to treat loyal players.

Usually, you’ll need to make a deposit to claim the bonus – perhaps £10 or more. In addition, you might also have to fulfil a wagering requirement.

What does wagering mean in bingo?

This is the amount of money you have to deposit on the bingo site before you can withdraw your winnings.

You’ll often find welcome offers and bonuses come with a wager requirement as standard. For example, ‘£10 bonus with 4 x wager requirement’. To claim your winnings, you would need to deposit £40 on this bingo site.

There are lots of brilliant bonuses and offers out there, but it’s always important to check the wager requirement to make sure you can reap the benefits, while staying within your budget.

How long does it take to withdraw your winnings?

Most bingo sites promise to complete your withdrawal within 24-48 hours, so it won’t be long until you see your winnings nestled in your bank account. Not all online bingo sites offer such a speedy service, however, with others taking up to seven days.

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