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Paysafe Bingo Sites

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Terms and conditions apply. See the site for full details
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What is a paysafecard?

Paysafecard is like the younger sibling of gift cards – or if you’re old school, phone top-up cards. You can add money to your card in-person or online, and securely pay for online bingo without disclosing any of your personal information or bank details.

Paysafe, the inventor of paysafecard, is a leader on the world payment stage. They’re available at more than 50,000 outlets across 43 countries, including supermarkets, stationary stores and petrol stations – and now you buy them online too.

Why use Paysafecard for making bingo deposits?

Considering using a new payment method to play bingo online? Here are some of the benefits of using paysafecard:

  • Easy sign-up – all you need is your email address and UK mobile number.
  • Secure – to make a deposit on your favourite bingo site, type in your paysafecard PIN. No bank or card details required.
  • Digital – you can top up through the paysafecard app or online at www.wkv.com.
  • Private – with no link to your bank account, you won’t see any bingo deposits made with paysafecard on your statement – only online top-ups to the card itself.
  • Centralised – it’s easy to keep track of your spending, with just one budget to keep your eye on – even if you play across multiple bingo sites.
  • Budgets – when you top up your card, you can set yourself a budget, giving you an incentive to stick to your limits and not overspend.
  • Combined payment methods – you can top up e-wallets like NETELLER and Skrill with your paysafecard, which opens up even more avenues to bingo-lovers – even if your chosen provider doesn’t accept Paysafe itself.

How do I top up my paysafecard?

There are several convenient ways you can credit your paysafecard:

  • In-person – top up your physical card at shops across the UK.
  • On mobile – buy a top up voucher from your nearby supplier and scan the barcode with your phone to instantly add to your paysafecard account balance.
  • Online – you can now top up online at www.wkv.com or through the app.

How much can I top up my paysafecard?

You can top up your paysafecard in denominations between £10 and £100 – and up to £175 when you top up at PayPoint.

There’s no need to use all your funds in one go. Any balance that’s left over is ready and waiting for you to spend.

Can I use paysafecard on mobile?

You can now download the paysafecard app on iOS and Android. There are loads of handy features to enjoy, including:

  • Interactive maps to help you find your nearest top up point
  • Full balance and transaction history
  • Online top ups
  • Quick and easy scan2pay transactions
  • Promotions and competitions
  • Help and information

How do I use a paysafecard?

Once you’ve topped up your credit, it’s easy to make a deposit using paysafecard:

  1. Find a bingo site that accepts it
  2. Choose the amount you want to deposit
  3. Enter the 16-digit PIN on your paysafecard
  4. Settle in and get ready to play

With the app, paysafecard payments are even more convenient, thanks to the scan2pay feature:

  1. Visit your favourite paysafe bingo site
  2. Choose the amount you want to deposit
  3. Open your paysafecard app
  4. Scan the QR code on the bingo site with your phone
  5. Confirm the payment with your security code or fingerprint
  6. Start enjoying the fun

Is Paysafecard safe?

Paysafecard is more secure than other online payment methods, as it’s like you’re paying anonymously in cash. Here are some of the security benefits:

  • No financial details – you don’t need to share your bank account or card details online to make a payment this way.
  • No personal information – the system will never ask you to input any personal information when you’re making deposits.
  • Regular checks – all paysafe’s partners, including the bingo sites on this page, are subjected to regular compliance checks to make sure all processes are secure and trustworthy.

Top tips for playing bingo using Paysafe

To ensure your paysafecard experience goes smoothly, here are some security tips:

  • Only use trusted bingo sites that accept paysafe, like our tried-and-tested listings
  • Never share your PIN with third parties
  • Note down your paysafecard serial number so you can freeze the funds if you lose it
  • Be aware that anything remaining from your balance after a full 12 months will be subject to a fee of £2 for each month that follows
  • Watch out for transaction fees in the terms and conditions – although these are unlikely to affect you on bingo sites

What if I lose my paysafecard?

If your PIN is lost or stolen, paysafe has a 24-hour hotline available for you to freeze your funds. Make sure you note down your card’s serial number in case this happens.

Even if your card goes missing and you don’t know the serial number, only the prepaid funds which are loaded onto it will be lost. Thanks to the anonymous top up process, there are no links to your bank account.

What is my paysafecard account?

Pay with ease using a free my paysafecard account. These are some of the benefits you can enjoy when you sign up:

  • Quick login – create a username and password to access your funds and make payments, instead of inputting your 16-digit PIN each time.
  • Transaction records – if you have multiple paysafecards, you can manage all your PINs in one place, giving you a clear overview of your past transactions and control of your future spending.
  • Smart spending – my paysafecard accounts automatically use your credit in the smartest way, using your oldest PIN for new payments first. This helps to avoid the fee on remaining credit, which activates after 12 months.
  • Free upgrade – your standard account can be upgraded to the unlimited service for free, which means you can make more frequent and larger payments if you wish.
  • Loyalty programme – you’re automatically enrolled into the paysafe loyalty programme, my PLUS, which rewards you every time you make a payment.
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