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To [tag]Play Bingo UK[/tag] you should be aware of the new UK legal environment. As of the 1st Sept new laws have come into effect that will effect where to Play Bingo UK. Make sure you use a reputable site such as Bingo Port to make an educated and informed choice about where To Play Bingo UK.

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Government Legislation. New government legislation came into effect from the 1st September with regards to the advertising regulations on gambling institutions. The new regulatory body will over see the new regulations introducing new licensing requirements and as a result we will see a marked increase in the television adverts on our TV’s as well as increased advertising via the internet and newspapers. The UK central government ruled that with effect form 1st September any licensed gambling establishments will be able to promote there club or site in responsible advertising ventures. This new legislation is an overhaul of old gambling regulations dated from 1845 and covers all forms of gambling whether on line casinos bingo halls or betting shops. All establishments will be required to ensure any advertising in done in a socially responsible manner and would be under strict guidelines ensuring the protection of the vulnerable and minors. The aims of these laws are to ensure crime is keep out of the gaming industry and that clubs are transparent and fair. We will see and increase in advertising as a result, some groups are calling for tighter restrictions to be placed on clubs, the Salvation Army have expressed a concern over the increase in advertising due to the problems associated with gambling and its addiction they are concerned this will bring about a new gaming culture and the problems associated with such. This was answered by the government that the new laws and regulatory body have been set up to try and combat this problem and companies will only be able to advertise after the 9 o’clock watershed therefore protecting the young and innocent. Companies will have to be fully licensed and regulated by the gaming commission and this should ensure the protection of the most vulnerable. These new laws mean nothing to the average Joe but to the major competitors in the market place it is a relaxation on previous laws set in the 1840’s giving them access to a whole new market place.