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£5 Bonus Cash at Showreel Bingo

Redeem now for 20000 PPTs

Redeem your Port Points now for £5 Showreel Bingo, and get things rolling with this fantastic boutique bingo site.

If you haven't already joined Showreel Bingo, click here to join before you request your redemption.

In order to redeem a bonus at Showreel Bingo, you must have made a deposit of £10 or more at Showreel Bingo last month and you must have recorded your correct Showreel Bingo username in the My Bingo Sites tab of your BingoPort account page before the end of last month.

Bonus cash redemptions are processed every Thursday (if purchased by Wednesday night) and usually credited within 48 hours of processing.

You will need to have an active funded account at Showreel Bingo, and have deposited at least £10 within the past 60 days to be able to claim a bonus.If you have recently claimed a £5 bonus for this site, you will need to have deposited at least £10 since your last claim to be able to claim another £5 bonus. If you have not met this criteria, you will not receive your bonus and your Port Points will be forfeited. If you redeem this bonus cash item after Midnight on Wednesday, you will not receive your bonus until the end of the following week. We request that you contact us only if you have not received your bonus within 10 days of redeeming.


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